Silken Self:

     Oh Soldier!  Watch for the preferences that want to replace principles.

     Obedience is not restrictive; rather it is the key to freedom.   Oh, how the flesh fights obedience.  

     I have preferences.  I want to eat ice cream and watch mysteries all the time!.  But there is work to be done.  How can I wiggle out of a portion of the work so that I can have this indulgent time?

     I would much rather avoid difficult people and just walk on the other side of the street.  I want what I want and I want it the way I want it.

     So much that tugs at me is about what I want.  My preferences.  But, I am called.  Chosen.

     I am committed to following Him.  Committed to taking up the Cross and following hard after Him.

     What are the things that are beautiful to you?  Those are what you must pursue.

     Break free.  Into The Place.  He has appointed a large and free space for you and you will access it by obedience.

     We are all incredibly different.  Your choices can't duplicate anyone else's.

     Stand before Him tonight and recommit your availability to the divine principles set forth as revealed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit.

     Tell Him aloud.  And listen.