Stepping Over the Line

The issue is, are you willing to leave all behind to follow Him?

What does this mean? All we know is, the Word of God makes it clear that He expects the Soldier of The Cross to be unencumbered.

This does not mean irresponsibility, nor does it mean that relationships, work, or home are not taken seriously. It simply means that you cannot serve two masters.

One of the most interesting things about the Indwelling Holy Spirit is His ability to energize for even the smallest tasks.

He who has truly stepped over the line is enabled to "do all unto the Lord."

He energizes for housework. He gives Grace to deal with difficult child issues. He gives Light, patience and supernatural Love to minister in difficult marriages. He imparts a vision that sustains physical suffering for His sake. He makes it a delight to return good for evil.

Soldier, your job has been appointed by the One who holds the stars in place.

You told Him He could have your life. Trusting Him, you have moved a step at a time. Is there any Bible character who followed the Lord without criticism? Suffering? Earthly loss?

Do your best according to God's Word. Make sure you are covering all pressing issues in prayer. After that, present yourself daily before Him to allow His Light to reveal any changes that must be made in your heart.

Memorize His Word.

Wield the Sword.

March into the fray!