Enter into The Rest

To some, it seems unfair that we must struggle so, in order to enter into The Rest of Hebrews 4.

After all, we are heirs and adopted sons. Through prayer, we have access to all. We know that nothing is impossible.

We know this world is not our permanent home, yet its gravity is often overwhelming.

Soldier of The Cross, until He comes to call us Home, we have the privilege of living in the New Life, and stepping away from the old nature.

There is a price. The flesh will kick and scream. The flesh wants to be right. To get back. To exalt self. To live forever.

The Bible tells us that the flesh will cease to exist. The Bible also tells us that the old nature no longer has hold over the one who has experienced the New Birth.

Can you say you have experienced the New Birth? Do you know He touched you? Did you affirmatively give your life to Him? Do you love the Brethren? Do you need to share your testimony? Does God's Word make your heart leap? Are you called to the prayer closet?

If so, you must stand apart from the old nature. The Word compels you to make choices based on God's Word, rather than feeling. The outstanding characteristics of the old nature are negative emotion, accusation of the Brethren and the need for earthly security.

Soldier, stand apart.

Cross the Line.

Raise your hands to Him and tell Him you will serve and you will pay the cost.

He has already paid The Price.