The Battle is the Lord's

Those who don't know Him are always in a yank to get things done quickly, and according to sight.

The Soldier of The Cross must not operate in such a manner. The Word records numerous accounts of His faithful, both waiting until it seemed too late, or launching in when a move seemed far too early and defeat appeared certain.

The issue is, the battle is the Lord's.

Endurance is wrenching for the flesh, but freeing to the New Man.

What a fantastic thing is faith. We have One on whom we can rely, and He has promised He will never be deaf, never be insufficient, never be wrong and never be late.

Do the next thing as unto the Lord. Even if it is eating a meal, or attending to a child, there can be a conscious rest in appropriating the peace God gives to His Own.

His Word is the determining factor.

Refuse to be turned over. Refuse to be anxious. Refuse to run ahead of the Lord. Refuse to be offended. Refuse to be distracted.

Look up. Move on!