The One who Died for you

Soldier, look at The One who died for you.

He counted it a privilege to go to The Cross. He bore the shame for your sake.

It was not for a faceless crowd, but it was personal. For you.

And He rose again.

That same resurrection power is yours by faith. Deflect your attention from things that are not godly, and bend your being toward heaven.

You can walk on the water, by faith. You must resist giving your attention to the storm.

You died with Him, and you can live in Resurrection Life and power - by faith.

Learn to look at Him. Learn to take hold of his promises.

It is exciting when all around swirls with darkness, because we can look unto Him who is the Author and finisher of our faith. We can choose to stand on the Promises.

There is Glory for the Soldier of The Cross, when the enemy presses in.

Look up and move on!