There is great relief in the Sovereignty of God.

He is in control of every birth, death, all illness and natural disaster.

He is also in control of each broken plate, the bills and personal violation.

We are not fatalists. We just rest in the teaching of the Word of God that says we set our faces like flint, march into the fray, and let the Lord work out His will.

It allows us to be spent in the name of Jesus, but not burned out. It allows us to do the work and not have to see the result.

It allows us to love unconditionally.

If it were not for the sovereignty of God, everything would be up to us.

Praise God, it is not up to us. Many things do not happen without prayer, but we are not the ones who make them happen.

There is no building without builders, but unless God is doing the building, the builders build in vain.

Soldier of The Cross, we are privileged to press on, work while there is daylight, yet resting all the While.

Underneath are the Sovereign Everlasting Arms.