God's Word says that you should put away anger.

It is one thing to be angry when you are the target of unfairness or when your children are hurt. It is entirely another thing when you take on anger in defense of another person.

When this happens, you have taken on second hand anger. Perspective is lost, and all events, conversations and reports are received by you through a cloud of anger.

That means there is a need to settle the score. Your stance is intensified because you have stepped in to advocate for the wrong you think has been done to another.

If this is the case, it means you did not accurately perceive the situation in the first place. It has penetrated you like a hot splinter and it has festered. It compels conversation and it also compels fault finding of the one at whom you are angry. It has changed your body language. Your thought life veers away from love when you think about the offender.

Soldier of The Cross, anger always wants to justify itself by measuring itself against the offender. There is a soulish anger that all Believers experience, and it is a first reaction. It is not possible to live in this fallen world and totally avoid the experience.. But those who would serve the Master must learn to take the matter to Him and agree with Him concerning the right to hold on to the negative emotion. He has said there is no right, and it must be released.

God's righteous anger is not the same as the anger of the flesh. When Moses struck the Rock, he violated faith.

Those who pray about matters over a period of time are able to see things. They are able to see what is really going on. They are able to see things that are opposed to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The ongoing, faithful prayer about the matter is the thing that inoculates the Believer from arrogance, anger and separation.

Tell the Lord. Tell Him aloud. He is not going to explain it to you and He is not going to weigh the matter before you. Wrong. He will attend to it in His time and according to His will.

And, He will release you.

You must be available to be a minister of Life to all, at all times and under all circumstances. This very availability will protect you from deception and will prevent you from sentimental responses and angry reactions.

Where is the Victory?

In Him. Nowhere else.