There are those who resist the Lord even though they absolutely know He is asking for commitment.

That means there is no fear of God.

The most consecrated Soldier of The Cross has no guarantee of perfection. We learn to follow the Lord. We learn to obey. We learn to confess and repent. These privileges come through hardship and choice.

But, there are those who have no fear of God. I have actually heard Christians confess that they know that God requires one thing, but they are choosing another.

There is no other. There is no where else. Will you invest your soul in winning the immediate battle any way you can? Or will you take Him at His Word and wait for Him?

Is there another on whom you can count? Is there another who is perfect? Is there another who created all you see and know about?

Are you under the influence of another person? An unscriptural longing?

Get it right.

Tell Him about it and determine to agree with Him in prayer.

Tell Him aloud. Now.