Do you want to be like Him?

How much can you do?

Who should you go after? How should your day be spent? What is ministry?

Soldier of The Cross, we who have crossed over The Line have experienced the Call. There is no turning back, because we have seen that there is nothing else.

We must accept that we have to learn to lean on the Everlasting Arms.

It is not possible to walk on the water until we understand that the storm is not the issue.

The Master is the issue.

If there is only one more day, it must be spent in agreement with God's Word. You can not do more than follow Him to the best of your ability.

How can you know you are doing this?

You must tell Him that you want Him to do anything He wants to, in order to bring about His likeness in you. You must say it in words and it must be aloud. You must tell Him that that there are no limits.

You must tell Him that you want Him. You want to know Him. You want to recognize Him. You want to serve Him. You want to obey Him.

Do you want to be like Him?

Let Him take each hour. Let Him teach you that Love takes no account of an evil done to it.

Go after it. Go after Him. This only happens in prayer.