How many can say that they walk with the Lord?

Is that something one can know for sure?

There are fewer than you think, and more than you think, who know they walk with Him. They know this because they love to obey Him. They Love His Word and they crave to be with those who treasure Him above all else.

It is not a feeling. There is no formula that brings this about.

It is simple. It is a decision.

Life will now be spent in obedience to Him and honoring Him. Life will now be spent in loving His people.Life will now be spent in loving the unlovely.Life will now be spent immersed in His Word.

Walking with Him means recognizing Him and being repelled by all else.Walking with Him means that the needs of the Body are taken on as one's own needs.Walking with Him means turning the other cheek.Walking with Him is the result of a decision. This decision must be made in prayer. It must be made aloud.

It must be reaffirmed over and over.

Those who walk with Him are those who walk in the Light, and they have exquisitefellowship with one another.

That fellowship is never based on agreeing about the negative.It is always based on agreeing about Jesus.