Traveling through a Barren Land

We are pilgrims and sojourners, traveling through a barren land.

Isn't it thrilling that the Lord is available to shower us with His Presence through the Word, prayer, song and the fellowship of fellow travelers.

Many of those travelers have passed on through, and are now with Him. Though they are gone, hearing stories is encouraging and gives hope.

Soldier of the Cross, your heart needs to be stirred. Always. Read about the lives of those who have taken up the Cross and have followed Him. Read about those who have counted it all as loss and have offered their lives as living sacrifices.

Read about those who have determined to love Him with all they are and with all they have.

Learn to long for what He wants.

Allow Him to use you

Soldier of The Cross, it is only a body.

Are you ill? Handicapped? Broken? Whose body is it, after all? Yours or His?

As long as you have life and breath, determine to stand before Him and allow Him to use you. Love the one before you. Reveal Jesus.

Someday there will be no flaws or limitations. Today, those flaws and limitations are intended to reveal His Strength in our weakness.

Let Him have His way.

Serve with all your Might

Soldier, you are to serve with all your might.

We have two purposes, the first defined by commandment number one. To love God. Is there anyone who will refute that?

The second is to follow and serve Him.

Those who are against you want only one thing - that you leave your love for the Lord and give your first love to a philosophy.

That, you may not do. If you love Him, you will have sight. Perspective. Freedom.

And He will take care of other matters. After all, that is the meaning of the commandment, "Seek you first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. . ."

No one can argue with that.

Soldier, set your colors to the Mast!

Walk by Faith

You must not fill in the blanks.

We walk by faith because He has asked us to. In fact, He has said there is no other way to know Him.

Soldier of The Cross, if you do not know, do not guess. And avoid those who do the guessing. God is clear and right.

Know the Word of God. Know the written Word for yourself.

If you have to know why, where, when or how, you are not proceeding by faith.

Take His outstretched hand.

Look up and move on.

Have you Learned to Wait on the Lord?

Soldier of The Cross, have you learned to wait on the Lord?

He will support and protect the things that He has ordained.

Remember, the things that are seen are the things that will cease to exist. It is the unseen that is forever.

This is the beginning of learning to live by faith.

Can He Be Trusted?

Stand before the Lord and tell Him He can do anything He wants to with your life.

Can He be trusted? Yes. Does He hear you? Yes. Is He able to deliver? Yes. Does He see the end from the beginning? Yes. Are you in the Cleft of The Rock? Yes.

Soldier, who made you?

If you can't tell the Lord He can do absolutely anything with your life, it means you do not trust Him. If you do not trust Him, you have no relationship with Him.

Move in to safety. Run to the High Tower. Trust The Lover of Your Soul.

Give your life wholly to the Lord.


Soldier of The Cross, you are not responsible for the sinful mind of another.

You are responsible for your own Obedience to God's Word.

Anything else is foolishness and will reap the harvest thereof.


The Obedient Mind

In order to Love God, your thoughts must dwell on him.

Those who look at the Lord will be like Him.

Tell the Lord what you love about Him. Name as many things as you can and tell Him directly. As you look at Him, you will see more and more.

Are you aware of your thoughts? Are they lovely? Are they Gracious? Do they reflect time with Him?

The passive mind takes in anything and everything thrown at it. The obedient mind dwells on the Living and the Written Word.

Determine to be His

Today is the Western New Year.

Soldier of The Cross:

Determine to be His. Determine to act more quickly at the recognition of His voice. Determine to be more available for the needs of others. Determine to turn the other cheek. Determine to love the unlovely. Determine to take up The Cross and follow Him, no matter what the Cost.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Take Courage

The Christian life is not for the faint-hearted.

The battle is always heated, and there must be absolute leaning on The Everlasting Arms, in order to resist the enemy.

Time and time again, the unseen elements rage against the Body of Christ, the stalwart Soldier, and the Word of God.

We must be glad sojourners.

Glad, no matter what. Glad because we have a Lord. Glad because we have somewhere to go.

Are you discouraged today? Govern your thoughts and set about to bring encouragement to someone else. There are laws that govern the emotions, just as there are laws that govern the physical. Turning your attention away from your own condition, and reaching out to another is a sure opening for the Holy Spirit to remind you of your calling and purpose.

The rest of the world has only a flat reason for living.

We have Him - of infinite dimension. Brace up. Take courage. Move on.