Always Something:


     Many things can be predetermined.

     For example, it is possible to give your possessions to the Lord and to do it quite deliberately. It is possible to decide you will be gracious to an exceptionally rude and insensitive relative or colleague. It is also possible to determine that your money is not your own, and that it will not rule your life. These matters must be taken to the Lord in prayer. Then at the time the crisis arises, the Indwelling Holy Spirit will remind you of the commitment.

     But, there is always something that is completely unexpected, and often it is misunderstanding or false accusation. Of course, there is never adequate preparation for the heartache of betrayal or the death of a loved one.

     When we are standing with Him in eternity we will understand all and we’ll have perfect release and healing. Not before. In the meantime, it is critical to remember we are Sojourners and Pilgrims, and our vocation is Love. My avocation is being a musician and a lawyer. But my real job is to come before Him daily and tell Him I will be a Living Sacrifice. Then, He must be allowed to change me, and that is never painless.

     Soldier of The Cross, you have made the decision to follow Him no matter what. So there is quite a bit of "no-matter-what" coming your way. You are on display. All around you watch you, as do the unseen hosts all around.

     Tell Him you will learn to quickly run to Him and give Him whatever is hurling itself at you. Do it now and do it aloud.
Then, look up and move on!


Your Thoughts:

     Soldier, freedom is the result of agreeing with God.

     That agreement takes place in the most private of moments and is the result of thoughts that are chosen.

     So many are passive and unaware of what is whirling around in the mind. In the midst of life's strangest and strongest storms, there has to be the deliberate choosing to take hold and dwell on what He has said.

     You will think about what you take in.

     You must memorize, think about, pray about, and sing about what He has said.

     Is there anything else? Cling to what is real and what is eternal. Deliberately. Affirmatively. Walk on the water.

     Make this resolve in prayer.

Before it Happens:

Many are the things you must decide before they come your way. We are told we must learn to not take offense. That's a hard one, but the Holy Spirit will remind you in the situation, and then you will have the choice of smoldering alone in the moment, or taking the matter to Him. We are told the Battle is His. That it is not won by the number of a man's horses or the strength of his legs. Is that really true? We are told that we are not to lay up treasure on earth, but that we are to lay up treasure in heaven. When there is agreement with God on this and there is specific prayer, even then financial loss is never fun or easy. But for the Soldier of The Cross, the Indwelling Holy Spirit will remind that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He will attend to his Own. In particular, when there is misunderstanding or vicious gossip, it is so critical that you have already told Him you are a Living Sacrifice and are willing to identify with His sufferings. Oh Soldier, take these matters to prayer now- before they come about. You have probably been through these things already. Without the frontier of faith, life is a gauntlet of decay. Without prayer that seeks to agree with God, there is more heartache and misery than there has to be. We had a couple in the church. She was a former music student of mine, and they had four children. They had just built a dream house and she had a good harp and a good piano. She had been a double major, and both instruments were important to her. The family happened to be staying with me the night their new house blew up and burned to the ground. They were all calm. The children were fine because the parents were fine. The parents were fine because they had already made the decision that everything they had was Gods. They had already decided specifically how they would think and where they would turn if they had lost everything. And, they did lose everything. Everything physical that is. Soldier, you are not a citizen of this world. You are a sojourner and a pilgrim and you are just passing through. Agree with Him. aloud. Now.

Who Is It About?

     Soldier of The Cross, it is not about you.

     If you have a real prayer life, He will let you know if you need to make something right. Of course we all need to be changed, and we must be always praying about it. The reality is, our lives are to be poured out for others, and we are to reveal the life of Christ.

     So, how does that actually happen?

     Certainly not through hyper-spirituality. It happens when there is plodding obedience, and often, it doesn't feel fabulous. Feeling is never the issue. Obedience is the issue.

     This is not about being squishy or being a flag in the breeze. This is about being a Soldier on the Front Line, and representing the One who went after you and revealed Himself to you.

     Soldier, pray about the basics. One foot after the other. There is no real Life when it is all about you.

     Give it to Him in prayer and be specific. You are way too focused on what you think is hurting you.
     Do it aloud. Now.


A Hot Heart:

     Soldier, seek out those who are in love with Him.

     Be with them as often as you can and pray with them.

     If they are in another city, go be with them. If they are in another country, go be with them. Do what it takes. Because, it is about being with Him and it is essential.

     If you are unable to move about, He will bring His Own to you. But be praying about this. There is nothing as releasing and healing as being with and seeing Jesus.

     Tell Him.  Aloud.


Getting Burned?


     Those who are the most noble and succeed in helping others, often get badly hurt.

     We who love the Lord and consider ourselves His, often fall into the trap of thinking that if we are wise and prayerful, certain will not happen. Of course that is not the case.

     The finest and most successful firefighters still get singed. More importantly, the deeper the commitment, the more attractive it is to be a Living Sacrifice, the more consistent the prayer life, the more vigorous the prosecution.

     Each day, you must predetermine your life is not your own, and that He can do anything He wants to with your life.

     It is the highest Freedom.

     Tell Him. Aloud.
     Then, look up and move on.

Peace in a Troubled World:


     The battle is in the mind.

     We are to be aware of what we are thinking and we are to do something about it (II Corinthians 10:5.)

     Soldier of The Cross, we must always be reminded of the basics. How did David encourage himself in the Lord? (I Samuel 30:6)

     We have no idea, because we are all so unique.  One thing is sure - David did not draw encouragement from his circumstances. He didn't evaluate things and decide maybe God could fix everything. It appeared to be all over! He had to have gone back to basics.

     Is He real?
     Can He be trusted?
     Do I want to writhe and flop about this, or should I agree with God.

     You are not a resident of this world. You are just passing through. That's why you  need the "Lamp unto your feet" and the "Light unto your Path."

     This is not just an act of the will: there must be deliberate prayer about this. I can't will myself into resting in Him. There must be seeking Him in prayer. There must be submission in prayer. You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit to comfort and to guide, and to reveal Jesus.

     Soldier, interestingly, much suffering is the result of the thought life.

     Agree with God.







     The least issue in life is money.

     Yet, it always feels like we are subject to it, or that it has so much power.

     What are we told? That we can't out give God and that He can be tested in this area. Yet, so few take Him at His Word.

     Soldier of The Cross,  if you can't trust God in the area of money, you can't trust him in any area. According to His Word, money is the easiest. Of course, it feels like the hardest because it feels as though money controls so many things,.

     It is not true. He controls money. There are laws He has set in motion that have to do with giving and trust.

     It is crucial to learn this, and the learning never ends. We are constantly attacked in this area, and it is imperative that the matter is always before Him.

     Soldier, take it to Him and do it aloud. It is about agreeing with God and not clinging to what feels valuable.

     Faith is the most valuable element in learning to love. There is no freedom to love with abandon until there is the release that comes from financial obedience and holy giving.

Tell Him about it. Now.


     Never let the urgent take place of the important.

     This is not easy, as we are all subject to pressure. Have you noticed how different things seem when you are geographically far away from the problem? Or how magnified things seem in the night when you can't sleep?

     Learning to lean on The Everlasting Arms is life long, and it only comes by plowing through the gauntlet of life's unsolved matters.

     His agenda is to be our agenda, and, and it only happens, first by prayer, and then by obedience.

     There will never be a time in this life when it all comes together and we can say we are on top of it.

     Soldier of The Cross, you were created to rely on Him. That's why you are so miserable when you thrash around and try to figure out a solution.

     You must do the thing that is before you. Without committed prayer, you will be distracted as long as the matter is unresolved. In this way,  so   many Christians bump through life, missing many opportunities to minister and attend to others.

     You were created to be free. His banner over you is not tension and frustration: His Banner Over you is Love!

     Soldier, bring this to him. Aloud.

Peace in the Word Storm:

Never return evil for evil.

It is far too easy to hurl back what the speaker deserves.

It always foolish.

It is not possible to balance the scale in this life, and that is why we have been admonished to return good for evil. Much of the time, returning good simply means saying nothing.

Soldier of The Cross, the mouth is the mirror of the mind.

It is not about being passive, rather it is about being obedient.  And, what a protection it is. 

You do not always have to fix it.

There is never any sight until there is obedience!

Soldier, look up and move on!