The Moment:

   How does a Soldier of The Cross move throughout the day?    By prayer.    In agreement with God.    With abandon to personal preference.    Seeking to serve.    Listening to others attentively.    Refusing negativity.    Determined to Love.    Soldier, He loves you so.  He died for you and He counted the shame as nothing because you were the Prize.    Get things in perspective.  When you awake, decide whose day it is, and whom you will serve.  Do you really want the immediate problem solved, or do you want your treasure to be invested in eternity?    Tell Him.    Aloud.    Then, look up and move on.

Nothing But Victory:

   Christian Soldier, what caused you to enlist?    Were you born again?  Was it real?  Did anything actually change? Probably so, and if so, there is transformation Power. Resurrection Power.    Soldier of The Cross, there are no wimps in the army of The Lord. You must make an affirmative decision concerning whom you will serve.  Will you serve Him , or must you serve yourself?    Is there any other question?

Global Vision:

You are responsible for the world in one way or another. The One who Came, Died and Rose Again, came to save all. It is His desire that no one should perish. The Great Commission has been given so that every follower of Christ would take upon him or herself a responsibility for the condition of the nations of the world. Soldier of The Cross, in most of the world, you must minister the sustenance of life before you can present the Gospel. A third of the world suffers from hunger. Many are imprisoned. Most of the very elderly are shut in. Hospitals are full of the ill who need to be loved and encouraged. Orphanages are full of children who need sustenance and love. All need Jesus. They need a vision. They need unconditional Love. They need Hope. They need physical help. They need encouragement. They need to see Jesus in and they needtoi see Him through His Own. Soldier of The Cross, are you thinking there is a distressing situation in your life? In God's economy, there is no such thing as a problem, and you are in the service of The King. Look away from yourself and Serve. You must discuss this with Him. Stand before Him. Let Him know you will serve those who are needy. Tell Him aloud. Watch for His leading. The Lover of Your Soul wants to lead you into freedom and delight. Invest in the eternal.

He Is:

   Soldier of The Cross, everything  in existence is qualified by the fact that He Is.    His reality means that His Promises are true.    His reality means that He is carefully attentive to each detail of your life.    His reality means that prayer releases Him in your life.    His reality means that His Word is more real than the way that you feel.       His reality means that your home is in heaven and you must invest there.    Soldier, there will be no excuses. Love, Serve and Obey.


   There is no limit to God's Love.    You are able to to love even the most unlovely, because you have been commanded to do so.  God has never given a commandment without making a way for obedience.    Soldier of The Cross, Love is  not always emotion.  If you live by feeling, you will always be weak and you will be addicted to the things that produce or remove certain feelings.     God's Love is not an emotion.  It is a supernatuiral expression of who He is.    He wants to Love through you.


   Every man has been created with a God-shaped vacuum.    Until he meets the Lord, there is no deep, abiding Peace, and there is no answer concerning eternal issues.  Until he meets the Lord, he does not truly know who he is.  Until he meets the Lord, he can not clearly see anyone else.    Until he meets the Lord, he does not have a purpose for the day.    Soldier of The Cross, We have The Great commission, and we may not ignore the call because of personal circumstances.  Many are suffering and dying.    Look away from your own circumstances and raise your hand in obedience to The Master. Do it in prayer.    Aloud.    Today.

Walking on The Water:

   Many Christians limit what God can and will do in their lives.    We talk and sing about an omnipotent God, yet, we fret and fuss about the storm, even when He has told us He will calm the winds.  The problem is that as soon as we feel the storm, we want it to end.     Does He know what is best?  Is there prayer that addresses His Sovereignty and Wisdom.  Is the thought life fed by verses that reaffirm His greatness and our limitations?    Soldier of The Cross, when you take up the Cross each day, it means agreeing with God.  Can there possibly be anything better?

The Battle:

   What is the meaning of life?    Is there a Sovereign God?     Does He care about the major issues and the minutia of your life?    Can He be influenced?       Is the Bible true?    Soldier of The Cross?  What is the bottom line for today?  You need a meaning for each hour of each day.  Soon we will be standing before the Lamb of God, and we will be accounting for each moment and each word.     What is the thing that is needling under your skin?  What does the Bible say about it?  Will you agree with God?    Soldier of The Cross, you must decide that you are going to obey His Word - you must let go of all that would encumber you.  You must press into the Race.    What does this mean?    Love and serve the Body of Christ.    Love the unlovely.    Minister to those who are shut-in.    Visit prisons.       Honor the Great Commission.  It begins in your back yard and expends as you are able to move about the glob e.    Soldier, your life is tremendously important.    Your words are important.    The look on your countenance is important.    Your use of time is important.    Your thoughts are incredibly important.    Are you a Living Sacrifice, or are you not?


   Remember, God's Grace is greater than all your sin.    It is easy to cheapen the Grace of God.  The mind wants to equate His Grace with the forgiven sin.  Such is not the case.  The mind can not conceive of the vastness of His Grace.    There must be a decisive receiving of His Love and Grace.  Otherwise, the Soldier of The Cross is always suffering from the penetrating darts of the enemy.  When He is taken at His Word and there is no more comparison between the offenses and the forgiveness, there is freedom to enjoy New Life in a deeper dimension.    Soldier of The Cross, your sins are removed as far as the east is from the west.  Stop looking back and/or self-examining.  The Holy Spirit is able to reveal anything that ought to be shed.   Look up and move on.

Faith and Sight:

   The Christian who is walking by sight is always evaluating the circumstances.    In fact, it is difficult to help such a one, because all conversation must revolve around how bad thigns are and what things ought to be done.  There are no ears to hear anything about faith or of relying on God, because things appear to be so bad.    Such Christians are always living in trauma.  The Peace that can be theirs is never experienced because they are so convinced that the thing before them must be changed.  To them, the change eviddences God's attention.  His Word is not enough.    The Lord does not work that way.  He is seen by faith.  His timing is different and His methods are far from anything we would design.    Soldier of The Cross, knowing God means looking at Him.    Looking at Him means looking away from the immediate, to gaze upon the eternal.