Your Life:

   Soldier of The Cross, you were chosen and set apart before you were born (Galatians and all the rest of God's Word).    There is a distinct and undeniable purpose to your life.  Not only have you been chosen, but  you have been set apart.  You also have a job to do, and that is to be revealed in a day by day walk with the Lord Jesus.     This is a marvelous thing.  It means that you are woven into The Plan and that you have the assurance of the revelation of, or leading into the purpose for which you were intended.    There are many who desperately seek the will of God.  This is not necessary.  He does not hide His will, nor does He ask His Own to do anything to find Him.  He does not make it hard and He does not require different things of different followers.  He requires only  one thing - faith.    You know He has called you.  In fact, you have responded.     Soldier, stand before Him, Tell Him you will follow.  Tell Him you are available.  It is not hard - it is simple.  Trust Him.    Aloud.  Now.

Day by Day:

   He does not give strength for tomorrow.    He only gives strength for today.  Why is that?    It is because He has designed you to have a relationship with Him.  He has designed you to follow Him.  He has designed you to be in love with Him.  He has designed you to believe Him.    Soldier of The Cross, if you deviate from any of these vectors, you will become myopic and fearful.  You will need to have assurance of things that have already been resolved.    The issue is, are you able to believe Him?    Are you able to obey Him?    Are you able to worship Him?    Are you able to Love Him?    Are you able to share Him?    Soldier, these things happen in prayer.  Aloud.    Tell Him now.

The Basics:

    Maturity is not complimented by complexity.     Neither is depth the fruit of study or asceticism.  The riches that are to be found in Christ are profoundly simple and are revealed by revelation.     Those who pray according to His Word will see and know Him. If He can only be known by faith, the playing field has been levelled.  Young and old can know Him.  The educated and the mentally handicapped can know Him.    Soldier of The Cross, the issue is faith.  Can He be believed or not?    It is simple.  Just not always easy.    Agreeing with God takes place in prayer.

Life or Death?

   Romans 8:6 (Amplified Version) reads:      Now the mind of the flesh [which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit] is death [death that comprises all the miseries arising from sin, both here and hereafter].  But the mind of the [Holy] Spirit is life and [soul] peace [both now and forever].    What distinguishes a Soldier of The Cross?     There is a Line that is crossed.    A Call has been answered. Many ignore the Call.  Crossing The Line means choosing to follow Him , no matter what.  It means taking God at His Word.  Agreeing with Him.   Such is the theme of the whole of God's Word.     Those who are really His choose to see according to His Word.  They live according to His Word.  They speak according to His Word.  They think according to His Word.    To step aside from following Him, one must analyse without faith.  Think without faith.  Oppose His Word. Yield to the gravitation of the flesh.     Soldier, it is simply not worth it.  The result is the experience of spiritual death.  Depression, anger, resentment and blindness. Spiritual poverty.    Press into the Battle.  Take up The Sword.  Put on the full Armour.    Look up.  Move on!


   You must thank him for everything.    When you crossed The Line, you left behind your right to argue with God.  That means, He is right no matter what.  That means He can be taken at His Word.  That means you agree that He is allowing what is the Best for you.    Soldier of The Cross, you have chosen well.  You have chosen the only Path that leads to Eternal Life.    Trust The One Who holds the stars in Place.    Thank Him for everything- even the very hardest things.    Today.    Aloud.


   Heaven help the one who thinks he is humble.    God's Word says that humility means agreeing with God.  It begins with acknowledging how great God is, and how small we are.     It is the nature of the flesh to compete with God.      It is the nature of the flesh to have to be right.      It is the nature of the flesh to want control.     It is the nature of the flesh to strike back.     It is the nature of the flesh to have to know what is going to happen.     It is the nature of the flesh to defend sin.     It is the nature of the flesh to bury treasure.    Soldier of The Cross,  you have crossed The Line.  That means that you have told Him you will take up The Cross daily.  It means that you are attracted to Him and you have responded to the call to discipleship.  It means that you have already decided His way is far beyond yours and that you will no longer assert your right to compete with God.    The Cross means the death of the flesh.    Is He right or are you right?  Can there possibly be any argument?  God is either right or He is not God.    Soldier, He is right.  He is God.  There is no other.    He is.    It changes everything.  Agree with God.  Aloud.    Today.

All Things New:

   Nothing about the Lord gets old.    Those who walk with Him experience newness all the time.  Even when they are  tired, hungry, cold and lonely, there is the fresh newness of His Life.    Soldier of The Cross, if you look for Him, you will see Him.    If you wait for Him, He will not let you down.    It you cast your cares upon Him, He will lighten your load.    It is his intent to have a relationship with you and shower you with blessing..  You are not some experiment in a pietri dish.  He bled and died for you.  He rose again, and He is preparing a place for you.  He has been exquisitely clear - His Word lays it all out.    Trust and obey.    Those who will follow Him will walk in newness of Life.    Is there anything better?

Your Treasure:

    Where is your Treasure?     Is it in arranging things so that there are no storms?     Is it in being right?     It is in being financially secure?     Is it in making sure your family is perfect? Or, that they think you are perfect?     Is it in a good reputation?     All of the above are about control.  He who gave Himself as a Ransom for Many relinquished control when He came a s a baby and subsequently suffered and died a public death.    Soldier, the issue is, can He be believed or not?  If so, a number of decisions must be made.  They must be affirmed in prayer and, affirmed aloud.    In terms of faith, it simply does not matter what is before you.  The issue is His Word.  He cares about the circumstances and He has said that He would settle the matter.  Are you available to His solution?  Must you have your own?    All day and every day, we must remember that we are pilgrims and sojourners.  Do you agree or disagree? Is there any other route?    His Word is clear and resounds throughout eternity.  There is simply no escape.  It changes daily life. It changes thought. It changes availability.    He is the Life.  The Truth.  The Way.    He is The Door    There is  no other.    Simple.

Christian Character:

   Determine to cross The Line.    The Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice.  Those who are eager to obey the Lord must  have a vision of living beyond the norm.    Soldier of The Cross, you can pre-determine your response to many things.  You can take God at His Word and decide that you will  not be live in offense.  You are able to tell the Lord He can use you in any way He wants to.  Once you have made that decision, you must understand that He  is not eager to test your request - He is eager to prepare you for heaven.    Soldier, there is not one Bible verse that  supports any wound-licking or offense.  In fact,  He who went to The Cross was quick to ask that the offenders be forgiven.    Why would you be wasting time being upset at the way you are treated?    Are you a Living Sacrifice, or are you not?  Is there any Bible passage that says that these things should stop Love?  Dominate thought?  Invade conversation?  Interfere with Christian Service?    How easy it is to take you out?    Are you His, or are you yours?    Tell Him about it.  Aloud.    Now.


   Only Blessing awaits those who will live by faith.    Those who live by sight can only rely on insecurity, resentment, fear and blindness.  What does it mean to live by sight?    It means human analysis without the Holy Spirit.    It means human insight without the Holy Spirit.    It means filling in the blanks without the Holy Spirit.    It means conversation about the matter, without the Holy Spirit.    Only Faith is safe.  Only Faith is sighted.  Only Faith is sane.  Only Faith reveals the Lord.    Soldier of The Cross, He said He could be known by Faith, and no other way. Why waste time anywhere else?  Is there another who is more reliable?  Are you so en-snarled in sight that you are drowning in your own analysis and fantasy?    Just tell Him. Let Him know that you want Him more than you want to be right.  He understands.  His hand is outstretched.    Tell Him aloud.    Now.