Fear of God:

The modern church does not promulgate a healthy fear of God. He is not our buddy. He is not Big Brother. He is not co-pilot. He is almighty God who holds the stars in place and who is in sovereign control of all of existence. He has given us a Book - a Book that reveals God the Son. A Book that issues forth all instruction necessary for life and for eternal investment. Soldier of The Cross, why should you obey? Why should you pray? Why should you resist the enemy? Why should you leave all behind to follow Him? Because there is nothing else. There is no one else. If you do not obey, there are eternal consequences, and you know it is true because you can not extricate yourself from the Holy Spirit Seal of Promise. Step out. Beyond where you are. Just tell the Lord you will do so. Do it now. Aloud.


Soldier of The Cross, perhaps you have not understood God's Word. You must let go of anger. Moreover, the sun can not go down on your wrath, and when you are angry, you may not sin. Soldier, review the story of Moses striking the Rock. Are you angry at God today? Some will way that God is secure and He can take it. Therefore, you should say whatever you want to Him. I say, agree with God and do not challenge Him. Yes, He can take it. Yes, He understands. Yes, He wants the best for you. Soldier, if you want to enter in to the Promised Land, agree with God.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth:

No teacher of God's Word has the right to be arrogant. Those who teach must remember some critical things: He will teach His own Word. Those who preach or teach must prepare their hearts in prayer and must wait for Him. Today, there are so many who are trained to be entertainers and businessmen. Christianity has turned from taking up the Cross and laying the life down for the Brethren to, seeing how many people will come and how big we can grow. How many buildings can we build? How can we prove ourselves? What validates us? Soldier of The Cross, you must live one day at a time. You must present yourself as a living sacrifices each day. After all, it is only your reasonable service. Those who are determined to serve are not interested in any agenda other than His. Turn a deaf ear to the enemy. Affirmatively decide where your eyes will focus. Look up and move on!


Forgiveness is not a feeling. It is an obedient posture. It is a releasing unto the Lord of the things that can not be dealt with in the natural realm. Soldier of The Cross, is there resentment in your life today? Are you holding on to something because it seems unresolved? Are you waiting for Lord to whack the offender? Let it go. Let it go in prayer You see, if this is not done, there is a splinter in the soul that allows infection and prevents clean service. You must let it go. And, you must let it go in prayer. You are in the service of the King. You are not allowed added encumbrances. Let the matter go in prayer. Today. Aloud.


Love takes no account of an evil done to it. . . Is this really true? My favorite thing about the Lord is that He gave Himself as a ransom for many - for those who did not care and for those who would have loved to see Him suffer in a far more barbaric manner. But, He gave Himself willingly and resented nothing. Soldier of The cross, a great deal of time is wasted in an effort to falsely balance the scales. Even the most stalwart can be caught in the mental gymnastics of getting even. Self-defense. Ever catch yourself talking to the offender? The offender who is not present? Love. He who is Love is eager make His likeness in us. Is He attractive to you? Let Him lift you up and plant you in the Sabbath Rest. Let go.


God's faithfulness is staggering to the mind. His faithfulness is found in many believers. Many have given their lives because they had supernatural vision that enabled them to stand the ground. They have endured torture, lost loved ones, even their own lives, for the sake of the Gospel. There are also those who never miss a meeting. They can be trusted to be early, and it is evident that they intend to should er the load. They sweep floors, clean toilets and expect nothing in return. Love pours out of their eyes. These faithful ones seek out the lonely and can always be found where there is a need. The Lord is always revealed in the faithfulness of these brothers and sisters. This kind of service is predetermined. There has been a time when these Christians have decided that His business is the most important thing in their lives. They are steady, present and nothing tempts them away from even the smallest tasks. Soldier of The Cross, if we love Him, we will stand the ground. We will follow Him regardless of the cost. We do not seek recognition or reward, because we know that we are running a Race that will finish in his Presence. Be a pillar. Resist distraction. We serve one day at a time. We serve sacrificially. The Harvest is His business.

Settling Dust:

Soldier, there are times when you must hold your position and watch the Lord work. All around distracting forces whirl and undulate. But He who is eternally stable and solid can not be moved. So, when it would appear that all around you is in upheaval, Stand on the Rock of Ages. He has never disappointed anyone who has relied on Him.


He is Love. He always was. He is the Beginning and the End. In Him, there is no shadow of turning. He is the source of all things. He is perfect. He is radiant. He is creative. He is infinite in every way. He loves you deeply. He thinks about you. He wants your attention.


Do not catch the falling Ark. You know the story. It was forbidden, but when the sacred ark began to fall Uzzah could not resist. In fact, he may have reached out instinctively, because it was really falling. But, the touching of the ark had been forbidden, and God had made His instruction abundantly clear. The ark is a picture of the Body of Christ. Many would rush in and consider the thing before their eyes to preempt any other instruction. Soldier of The Cross, make no mistake. We take Him at His word. In Him, we live and move and have our being. We do not question Him. We do what He says. We have given Him our lives, and we have crossed the line. We stand before Him each day and say that we will be a Living Sacrifice. So then, is it really true? Are we willing to obey in the face of impending disaster? That is the test.


Soldier of The Cross, there is much, much to do. You may not be passive and you may not make excuses. Time is short and there are so m,any in need. you have found The Answer. Your life is secure and you are in the assurance of the Everlasting Arms. You know where you are going. Most can not say that they know. Most are in silent misery. Most long for the assurance that you have, but have no idea where to go. Get busy. Tell Him you are available and will look for the opportunity to share. There is no thrill such as the thrill of leading a lost soul to Christ. Stand before Him and make yourself available. Aloud. Today.