There is no other life than Life in Him. Soldier of The Cross, you must consider daily - what is your purpose? This is not about your gift or your duties or your calling. This is about your Purpose? You must spend your life in obedience to the One who gave Himself for you. Do not confuse the issue. He is for you. Is there anything better?

The Basic Things:

Soldier of The Cross, we must all remind each other of the beauty and value of the Christian basics: The first commandment is to Love the Lord; He wants intimacy with us - attention and obedience. It is not possible to get through this life as a Believer without time with The Master. When the quiet time wanes, sight begins to cloud over The Pilgrim begins moving through time by sight. Things that have no value in eternity begin to take on added dimensions, and there is a demand to break the stride and agree with circumstances. You may not weaken . You must choose the things that God has said are eternal. There is no one else. There is nothing else


Like the law of gravity, there are certain predictable things about the law of serving others. Those who serve do not dwell on themselves. They are doing things that are not convenient or self-protective. They are always giving of their own resources, so they exempt themselves from the fear of being without. Serving to Body of Christ means being around and loving the unlovely. It is not always possible to know the real from the fake, and there are needs all around. Soldier of The Cross, look at Him. He gave Himself as a Ransom for Many. Because of Love. He did not protect Himself Loving and serving others does not make milky, push-over Christians. Serving those in need brings awareness of the difference between users and those who genuinely need help. There is no lack of opportunity. Prepare in prayer. Then go somewhere and do something.

Because He Is:

He is. This is a bottom line Truth and it must be the foundation for thought, behavior and attitude. It is the reason for obedience. It is the reason to cherish His Word. It is the reason to make Love your aim. It is the reason to put others first. Appropriating this simple Truth can release you from dead-end goals. When the storm hits, the damage hast to be considered in light of the fact that He is. When there is lack you know He will make good His Promises because He is. Because He is, death is not a threat. We are free and filled, because He is.


Years ago, I heard Chuck Swindol say "Never let the urgent take place of the important. . ." For me, it was a life-changing statement. Soldier of The Cross, What are the really important things in your life? If the attention grabbers are getting all your attention, you have veered off course. His will is the important thing. His commandments. His Presence. His Body. And, with regard to your relation ship with Him, He wants to create His Likeness in you. What is the bottom line? Are you yours, or are you His?


What is gripping your mind at this moment? Is it something that lines up with God's Word? Or is a thought against a Brother or Sister? Is it a worry? A rehashing of painful words? What is important to Him? Heaven. Eternity. Holiness. Your attention. Faith. Above all, He who is Love wants His own to Love His own. Love the lost. Love the sick. Love the prisoner. Love the handicapped. God's Love pouring through you is far more important than anything that can be troubling you. You say, "But, I can't love when the situation is so critical and needs to be corrected. . ." That is not so. You only feel as though you can not Love. The truth is, if He has asked you to obey, He will give the the power to obey. The real issue is, what do you really want? If you want Jesus, He is knocking at the door of your heart.


Soldier of The Cross, what is your assignment today? It is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind and with all that you are. Therefore, all other things pale in light of the Word of God Why is it so hard to keep Him in mind? Because so few have a real prayer life. In order to see clearly, it is essential that you turn your vision and attention away from the things that are before you. You must look at the things that He has laid out and you must put your weight on His Word, rather than the situation before your eyes. Faith. There is no other way to know Him.

His Strength:

Remember, it is not the strength of a man's legs or the number of his horses that wins the battle. It is the Lord''s strength alone. Soldier of The Cross, remember that we belong to Him. He has bought us with a Price. He has said He would fight the Battle, and, so He will. So, you must stop accumulating ammunition and defenses in order to win. It can 't be your way and His way at the same time. Do you agree that faith is the requirement? Then, do not resist when prayer is answered, and you have an opportunity to move by faith instead of by human strength.


Soldier of The Cross, there are many fools and worse, who are against you. Leave the matter aside. Have you not understood that there is a devouring enemy who would love to get you at a weak moment?? What is your weakness? Sex? Food? Time? Reputation? Addiction to entertainment? A need to be right? Religious search? Whatever the matter is, take it to prayer. Move forward and allow Him to lead you in the way He would have you to go. There are no other options. Soldier of The Cross, either He is your Lord, or He is not. This is a matter that you must take up with Him, and it must be aloud. Today.


It is not always easy to encourage the Brethren, although we are told to always encourage each other. There are those who simply can't receive anything. They will tell you constantly how bad things are, and no matter what you say, they continue to stell you that you can't possibly understand. God;'s Word does not apply to them, because they are suffering too much. Then there are some who are so knowledgeable, they can not hear anything from you, because you are not as educated or as intellectual as they. They can only hear from those who are equally qualified or smarter than they are. Then, there are those who hang on every word. They can't get enough. In fact, what they want is your undivided attention all the time. Even though they ooh and aah at each word, it is never enough. What a joy to lend a word to those who love Him! There is a keen ear for His voice and an immediate recognition of His touch. Solder, it is not your job to decide who is who. We are told to have a Word and to be available to encourage all the Brethren all the time. Do not look for results. Just obey.