Set Apart Unto Him:

   Are you His bondservant?    Many years ago, those who needed money would contract o be a servant/slave to another.  This contract was for a named number of years.  The term used for this servitude was "bond servant."     On occasion, there were those who made the decisio0n to simply give the rest of their lives to the service of the master.  In this case, the ear was pierced and an earring signified the decision to willingly serve.    In the Kingdom of Heaven, this piercing takes place in the heart and it is the result of the infilling of the Holy Spirit.      Paul eagerly and unashamedly identifies himself as a bondservant of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.    Where are you in this regard?  After all, isn't it your "reasonable service"  ?    There is simply nothing else.  Jesus is the only one who answers.  He is the only one who has died for you,.  He is the only one who has promised to prepare a place for you.  He is the only one who understand the things that you can't even put into words.    Invest all that you are and all that you have in eternity.    Fall deeply in Love.    Determine to serve The Master.  

His Investment in You;

   Soldier of The Cross, we are told in I Thessalonians that we have " . . . all the privileges and rewards of the new life in Jesus Christ the Messiah. "    What a tremendous thing!    Why then, do we insist on living as though it were not true?  Why must we impale ourselves on the day to day  drudgeries?  Why must we worry and fret and rehearse our past losses and hurts?    Why are we blinded to the needs of those around us?    Are you a Soldier of The Cross?  Have you decided to take up the Cross daily and follow Him?     We have been born into Heaven's economy.    We have been born into a Royal Race.    We have been born into the Kingdom of His Dear Son.    We have the seal of Promise on our hearts.   Can you go back?  Of course not  So, Soldier, you must proceed.    You have either claimed your life as your own, or you have crossed The Line.    Soldier,  look up and move on!

This Little Light of Mine:

   The Lord will take anything and make everything out of it.    He who created the heavens with His word of power is fully able to take your life, just as it is, and reveal Himself.   All He requires is, availability.    What do you have?  Not much money?  Not much time?  Just a few loaves and fishes?    He can take what you have and do anything.  In prayer, you must yield up all that you have.     He will reveal Himself as The Light of The World.  All you need to do is be available.


   There will be no acrid air in Heaven.    Where He is, there is sweetness, Glory, Light, healing and creativity.    Soldier of The Cross,  when the atmosphere is wrong, you must Stand on The Rock of Ages and resist the enemy.     Because we live in a fallen world, and because satan is the prince of the power of the air, there are always things that pierce the most determined and stalwart.  We read about the saints of the faith and we think that they were stronger than we.  It is not true.    Soldier of The Cross, do you recognize what is happening?  Can you see when you are being attacked?    A Servant of the Living God ought not to be on the defensive.   He who is our High tower, Commander, High Wall and Fortress, is more than able.    Do you need to be in control?  Are you willing to let Him have His way?  If you are, the ground on which you walk will not move.  Your eyes will reflect Him.  Your countenance will reflect Peace.     Walk in the Light, as He is in the Light.    It is absolutely possible to taste Heaven on earth.

No Wound-licking!

   The Soldier of The Cross may not howl and carry on about how he has been treated.     If you hear yourself behaving that way, stop and consider the One who died for you.     When there is no Cross, the flesh needs attention and tries to gain a false balance by persuading someone against someone else.  The offense may even have been caused by someone no longer living, but, if there is no Cross the need to salve the wound gets stronger with age.    The Cross is the place of the death of the flesh.  It is the place where personal offenses are given up to the Lord.   It is the place where the gravity of this life is weakened, and heaven brings a vision  of eternity.    It is the place of ministry to others- sacrificial ministry.    It is the place of sweet fellowship with the Lord Jesus.    Soldier, waste no time.  Take up your Cross daily.    In prayer.    Aloud.

Give Thanks Instead of Asking Why:

   The bottom line of your life is, have you decided to trust God, or have you not?    If you are trusting Him, you must look at Him.  You must listen to the things He says, because you have already decided that your life is in His hands and not your own.    What are the most basic facts you know about Him?    He is Love.    He gave Himself for you.    He is preparing a Place for you.    He watches over you.    He dwells within you as the Holy Spirit    His heart is ravished when you think of Him.    He listens intently.  He has already conquered death.    He has made it so that you can experience His peace at all times.    Where else will you go?  Who else will you follow?    So, He means what He says.  It means He will withhold no good thing.  It means that He will enter when the door is opened, and He will sup with you.    He will lead you with His eyes.    He will restore the years the locusts have eaten.    So, the One who holds the stars in place and gave His life for you, is only going to allow what is the best for you.  Therefore, thank Him.  Those who are thankful do not ask "why".   You don't need to know why.  In fact, you do not have the capacity to understand, even if you were told.  You are not Omniscient.  He alone holds the understanding.    Submit to the surgical knife of the Lover of Your Soul.  

The Lord Does Not Get Rattled:

   What are the things that undo you?    Usually they are the little things of everyday life.  Unkind words spoken, too much attention, too little attention, misunderstanding.     Whenthere is no taking up of the Cross, there is no dropping of the Load.   The hands must be empty to take up the Cross and follow Him.     He wants to make His own likeness in you.  That means taking you through the things that will sand away the useless places.    Soldier of The Cross, you are being prepared for heaven. Refuse to be tipped over.  Learn to look at lend yourself to the things that are of importance to Him, not the things that are important to everyone else. 

Leave No Unguarded Place:

   Soldier of The Cross, the flesh has the strongest of feelings.    Disappointment is an emotion.  A feeling.  And, it is real. The issue is, is He real?  Is His Word true? Or is it not?       Soldier, consider the famous hymn.  Are you indeed a Soldier of The Cross     Yes?     Get up.  Dust yourself off, and gear up for the battle.  After all, what else is there?    Stand then in his great might,    with all his strength endued;    but take to arm you for the fight,    the panoply of God.    Leave no unguarded place,    no weakness of the soul;    take every virtue, every grade,    and fortify the whole.    Soldier, take this to prayer.  Aloud.    I tell you, if you have not prayed loud, you have never experienced the release that prayer can bring. You must formulate thoughts into sentences.      Come before Him and declare that you will serve.  Is there an area of your life that is open field for satan? Tell Him you will yield.    Do it today and do it aloud.  Tell Him that you will leave no unguarded place!


   Those who walk with the Lord know what it is to partake of His Life.    His Life far exceeds enthusiasm or fervor or bent.  His Life is always present where He is allowed to be.  This means that when the Soldier of The Cross is available, the Lord is ministering through that Christian.  This ministry if beyond anyone's personality or ability.  It is supernatural.    The Life of the Lord is resurrection Life.  It is described as "rivers of living water" that flow out of the one who is in unity with Him.     Soldier, there is nothing you can do to minister the life of the Lord, except belong to Him, cling to Him, Love Him and obey Him.     You can't improve your personality.    You can't take a course.    You can't practice.     You can't sacrifice to get it.    You can't imitate.    You can. just know Him.  Then, He will reveal Himself through you.  

Be Available:

   It is not difficult to have a relationship with the One who holds the stars in place.    All He requires is your availability.    There are many things that can stand in the way:        Intellectualism        Sophistication        Personal plans        The desire for the approval of others        The need to be in control        Longing for success        The need for comfort        Religion    Soldier of The Cross,  be like the leaf on the tree in the Fall.  Wait for Him.    He longs to communicate with you.      Tell Him you are available.  Tell Him today.    Aloud.