There is genuine suffering in the world.

There is genuine suffering in the world.

Many are persecuted, starving or ill. Without question, the death of a loved one brings a deep grief that is painfully lonely.

For many Christians, suffering is self-induced. Elisabeth Elliot says suffering is simply having something you do not want, or wanting something you do not have.

We have a protection against a great deal of the suffering the enemy would like to inflict. The Holy Spirit has instructed us to govern our thoughts. To lead them away, captive.

When the mind begins weaving around what could have been, fantasy begins to seep in. Solid ground becomes quicksand. The stance slackens and the pace slows. Slowly, the painful process of self-examination eats away at the soul. The leading of the Lord is obscured by wishing and longing for things that can not be relived.

The days and hours are lost. Depression and weariness and wishing become haunting and there is no release without repentance and, often, corporate prayer.

Anger, resentment and jealousy do the same thing. They produce a life of fantasy. The imaginings bring feeling and the soulish believer lives as though the fantasy were real. And speech and action begin to take on the color of the paranoid thoughts that have been festering.

Again, the result is usually depression and an intense need to persuade others of the truth of the thing that is in actuality, only a paranoid fantasy.

Much suffering that is not physical, is the result of an ungodly thought life.

What has happened to you? When the initial sting has passed, there is always choice. Even in grief, the pain is sweeter when there is an agreement with God about the matter.

Soldier of The Cross, you are not expected to wear a smarmy grin and deny pain or hardship.

You are expected to let Him have His way. You are expected to allow Him to do whatever He needs to in order to bring about His own likeness in you.

You are expected to identify with His sufferings.

Take courage. Remember that He loves you enough to allow the things that have been in your life and that are there now.

No wound-licking. No whining in the mind. No fantasy conversations. No plans to even the score.

Look up and move on!

Be Aware of your Thoughts

Soldier of The Cross, you must be aware of your thoughts.

The battle is in the mind, and we are instructed to regulate thoughts. We are even told what to think about - Philippians 4:8.

If there is no prayer, there is no power to be alert to the thought life. There is no recognition of the gap between where the thoughts are and where they should be.

We are to take each thought captive and lead it away. If there is no prayer, there is no vision as to how to expel thoughts that do not line up with the whole of God's Word.

Without God's Word, there is no skill in prayer. We know the Holy Spirit , but He leads according to The Word. Little skill in the word results in little power in prayer.

While the enemy can attack physically, he far prefers to flood the believer's mind with things that cause irritation, worry, fear and guilt.

God's Word is more real than the way that you feel. Line up your thoughts with His.

Private Time in Prayer

The one who spends private time in prayer aloud, has a bearing that reflects heaven.

It is not possible to recognize the Lord or have a radiant relationship with the Him if any of the components are missing.

It is easier to study than it is to pray. It is easier to serve than it is to pray. It is easier to go to meetings than it is to pray.

In fact, it is almost easier to give the body to be burned than it is to pray.

So, pray. Pray aloud. Tell Him what you love about Him. What you love about His people and His Word.

Sing to Him.

Interceded for others. Ask Him to do the deepest work in your heart.

Don't tell Him how to do it.

Know that He is listening and responding.

Then, studies bring a new dimension. Service becomes an expression of Rivers of Living Water. Meetings become a bathing of His feet in perfume.

Sacrifice is dwarfed, and the victim mentality is flushed away.

Pray. Pray

The Lord has no limits.

The Lord has no limits.

There is no lack, no defense, no weapon, no threat, no lie, that can thwart the Lord. The Rock of Ages can not be moved by human force. He is only moved by prayer.

Soldier of The Cross, we look forward to eternity. We obey the One whose Touch we have experienced and whose voice woos us.

There are many who know the content of the Bible. There are fewer who know the Author. There are even fewer who know how to pray - how to agree with God, and how to ask according to His will instead of praying according to circumstances.

Praying for drought? Praying for rain?

Present the situation to the God for whom nothing is impossible.

Does something seem awry?

Does something seem awry?

Have you been thrown a curve? It might be an answer to prayer.

It is true. Faith is a rarity today. The flesh does all it can to survive. It resists faith with all it is and has.

Because He has said He would listen and take care of it, He will. Remember, He does not need the pieces to produce the whole.

Soldier of The Cross, we live in a different dimension. The faith dimension.

Nothing else works.

The zealous Soldier of The Cross

When we are told to "never lag in zeal," we must not look for a feeling of spiritual energy.

Zeal is a feature of the presence and freedom of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Believer. This Christian zeal is the result of decisions made - decisions resulting in obedience to Him.

The zealous Soldier of The Cross is the one who does not allow periods of passivity. He simply decides what his priorities will be and he lives accordingly.

The zealous are not a saber-waving kamikaze warriors, charging on a fast horses. They are plodding Soldiers, who have looked up and have seen His Graciousness. His Love. His Mercy. His Majesty.

They have decided they will love, serve and obey. They are eager for divine correction. They remain steady because they can see eternity. Even when the body gets weak, purpose does not become diluted with physical limitations.

To the end, which is only the beginning!

There is much Glory in suffering.

The Soldier of The Cross may not compromise.

If you have to get recognition of how much you have suffered, you have no understanding of The Cross.

Soldier, in all of the human experience, it is not possible to make a comparison between what you have been through and what He went through.

The beauty is, He understands. All that we go through, He has experienced.

We have a Savior who has tasted it all and understands. It is not possible to tell Him something that He does not understand.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no room for you to feel sorry for yourself.

Brace up. Look at Him. Take hold of The Word.

Move on!

The Soldier of The Cross may not compromise.

The Soldier of The Cross may not compromise.

There is a Standard. It is The Word of God. Swirling circumstances do not justify compromise. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

Today's society presents a barrage of unreality. There are movies, and a myriad of video games. Television demands a stretching of the boundaries of decency.

What is Your Standard? Who is your Standard?

Will you move with the era, or are you His? Are your children be allowed to watch things that make the angels cringe?

When you are angry, do you swear?

Do you think there is such a thing as a "white lie?"

Soldier of The Cross. The Word instructs in noble character. He gave Himself as a Ransom for Many, and not one cared at that time. No one knew what was really happening.

He asked that the offenders be forgiven for their ignorance. And, we must do the same.

There is no room for the flesh.

Look up. Move on!

The Balance is Prayer

The balance between careful planning and being available to inexplicable change is, prayer.

Without prayer, there is no walking in the Light. If the Christian Soldier is not walking in the Light, there is no course to chose other than the obvious, or the previously agreed upon plan.

When there is no divine Light, the obvious is always by sight, and faith has no input.

Why does most of the Church fail to walk in the delight of His Life? Because the flesh despises the faith-walk, and spends all its energy fighting faith. A weak or non-existent prayer life allows the flesh to braille its way through a gauntlet of negative emotion and human desire.

Soldier, pray. The most detailed plan may very well be the way to go. But it is prayer that will usher in the slightest, but undeniable restraint if the Holy Spirit is leading in a different direction.

There is no Light unless prayer is in accordance with The Word of God. Those who desperately seek an answer that does not line up with His Word, are not really praying.

Prayer begins with agreeing with God. The one who genuinely wants His way tells Him so and is looking for Him.

No Heavenly Light, no Heavenly sight!


What a tremendous thing it is to have something to rejoice about.

Unlike those who have no Savior, we are able to see eternity. We are able to go to the One who holds the stars in place with absolutely anything.

We have the confidence that He who designed and maintains the universe is in complete control of even the tiny things.

Read Zechariah 9:9. He let the whole world know He was coming as Savior, King, man and God.

There is never a time so bleak that it can obscure what we have in Jesus.

We are told to rejoice in the Lord. If we are determined to obey, He will lead.