Zeal is Not a Feeling:

   Zeal is the result of being touched by God, acknowledging it, accepting Truth and responding to the Vision of the Work that He reveals.    I have heard people pray for zeal.  Most of the time, they are praying for a feeling of abundant energy to do this or that.  Actually, on occasion, the one making the request is expecting a physical inclination to do perform Christian service.      There are those who think that zeal is an emotion that inclines one to God's work in the same way that human love compels people to look better.  Human love often channels the mind into a narrow thought pattern about the object of that love.     Zeal is not a feeling.  Zeal is the result of obedience.    We are told to be zealous and actually, we are so commanded. Therefore, we may not wait for a feeling or for some kind of visitation.  We simply agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.    Corrie Ten Boom tells of visiting a woman who was a translator.  The woman had multiple sclerosis and was eagerly and devotedly translating one of Corrie's books. The woman's husband had her propped up with pillows so that she could work - with one finger.  Corrie was able to witness the setup the day before the woman died.  That woman was a zealous soldier, even though she could only lift one finger, and that not without assistance.  She agreed with God.    Work for the night is coming.    The Apostle Paul had been deserted by most, was in coupling chains, had been badly beaten, had serious eye problems and knew he would die soon.  He wrote to the churches with unction and faithfulness, sometimes using a scribe.  He agreed with God.    Work for the night is coming.    Soldier of The Cross, are you in prison?   Are you ill?  Do you have a body that will not respond to your command?  Have you been deserted or defamed?  Has there been a recent financial disaster?  Is your young teenager about to be a parent?  Has your  face been scarred?    He knows all about these things and He has still told you that you must be about the Father's business.  Agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.     Holy Spirit zeal is that thought that nags because someone needs a call.  Someone needs a letter.  You should look someone in the eye and love him or her.  Someone needs to have you go to their apartment and ride with them on the subway. You know you should visit someone who is ill or dying.   Something stands in the way of your service, and you come before Him and hand it over.  Agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.    It is not religion nor is is emotion.    It is agreeing with God.    Work for the night is coming.

Am I A Soldier Of The Cross:

   What is the value of your life today?    It is measured by the level of your submission to the Lover of Your Soul.    Soldier, there are daily  grinds. There are hourly decisions.  There are weekly crises And, all along, you are required to live b y faith and not by sight.  The issue is, are you willing, and if not, why not?  It Is it because you do not consider that He able?      Consider with me now.  What is is that He is not able to do?  Is He able to lead?  Is He able to provide?  Is He able to reveal the truth?  Is He able to reveal Truth?     If you have an issue with Him you must absolutely know what it is.  If not, hand him the reigns.    Do it in prayer and do it aloud.  There is absolutely no one else and there is no where else.

Jesus Never Fails:

   There is not a chance that anyone or anything can defeat the Lord.    There is no manipulation, no untruth, no exaggeration nor is there any fantasy that can influence God.  There are those who will make every effort to compete against Him, but it will come to nothing.    Soldier of The Cross, you must continue in the thing the Lord has put before you.  Are you saying you do not know what that is?  You are mistaken.     He has told you to attend to the Body of Christ.    He has told you to feed the hungry.    He has told you to visit the prisoner and the otherwise confined.    He has told you to be about His Father's business.    He has told you to be in prayer at all times for all men everywhere.    He has told you to be in the Word.    He has told you to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.    You have much to do. Your life is important and your day can change eternity for all those with whom you come in contact.      Resist depression.  Sing the songs.  Say the verses aloud.  Call someone and encourage him or her.  Write to a Christian prisoner somewhere.  Send a check to a missionary you know.    No wound-licking.  No self examination without the Holy Spirit. Look at others.  Attend to others.  There is so much to do, if you took it all on, you would never finish.    Soldier, in the morning. go to Him who holds the stars in place.  He has a plan for your day, and in that Plan, there is freedom, life and His Presence.

To Know Him and The Power of His Resurrection:

   You must get to know the Lord.    He is your all in all.  That means He is the reason for decisions. He is the reason for words issuing form the mouth.  He is the reason for your attitude about relation ships.  He is the reason for the order of your day and your possessions.    He is the reason for the discipline of your children.  Why would  you build a home apart for serve to Him? Is there any reason you would take a job for any reason other than Service to the Master?    Soldier of The Cross, the farther we go, the easier it becomes.  The greater the cost, the easier the loss.  Either He has told us the truth, or He has not.     You must decide what your priority is.  Is your life about Him, or about you?  Will you compromise because there is another in your life who does not walk in the Light?    Soldier you alone will stand before Him.    Look up and move on!


   The entire Word of God instructs us in the way of holiness.    To sum it up, we must trust and obey.  In all of human history, there has never been a choice between good and evil that left the chooser without light.  Man chooses what he wants the most and then justifies it.    Those who are His have been promised guidance, wisdom and Light.    Soldier, let's face it - if we want to walk with Him, He will walk with us.  If we want to know what is right, He will guide.  If we want to let Him change us, He will do it.    The problem lies with the flesh.  It is the flesh that wants to be in control and know what is going to happen.. It is the flesh that thinks God's will is the thing that avoids all discomfort.    The flesh has to even the score.  The flesh is desperate to invest in this life.  The flesh clings to reputation, comfort and facade.    Soldier, we have it easy, as long as we cling to The Word.  It is not easy on the flesh, but He has promised that if we take up the Cross daily, He will deal with the flesh and we can follow Him.    It is a supernatural life.     Are you willing to obey?  Can He be trusted?  You must make a conscious decision.

Thine is The Glory:

   Because we live in a fallen world and must deal with the issues of Time, there are certain things that we can not escape.    For example, we are not completely free of the old nature until we are present with the Lord.  In the meantime, we have the privilege of taking up The Cross daily, and following Him.  Interestingly, this means we must deal with the flesh by appropriating the defenses and offenses given to us in God's Word.    All things must be for His Glory.       Arguments are counter productive.  There is no place in the Bible where God argued with anyone. He is too secure for that.  He came, He died, He rose again.  He proved  His divinity.    Soldier of The Cross,  give Him the Glory. Do it in prayer, so that He is able to reveal to you what this means.  Until there is a revelation of His Glory, the flesh sets up a conflict that can not be resisted.  The old man wants credit.  He wants to be right.  He wants to get back.  He wants to be secure in the future.    And, he wants all to know that he is the authority  with regard to his own life.    The Lord has told us to give Him the Glory, because it is the best thing for us.  We need Truth.  We need reality.  We need the bottom line.    Soldier of The Cross, come before Him today and deal with this issue.     Tell Him aloud.    Tell Him today.

Which Battle Are You Fighting?

Be sure you know what Battle you are fighting. You can't fight a moral battle. You must fight a spiritual battle. There are many who would like to see society change, and without an encounter with Christ. There are those who picket, chain themselves to buses, and plant themselves in every conspicuous place. They call, mail and focus on moral societal change. It will never happen. The Gospel is not about social change. The Gospel is not about moral change. The Gospel is about Salvation and transformation. the Gospel is about Power to live and Power to be free. How can a homosexual change with out the Lord. Why should he or she change without the Lord? Soldier, you can agree with God about sin, but you must take His position on the issues. He came to die and He came to Love. He came to redeem and He came to teach about the Cross. You must not make abortion your issue. You must not make gay marriage your issue. You must not make the war in Iraq your issue. Salvation is your issue. Healing is your issue. Heaven is your issue. Freedom is your issue. The Blood is your issue. Love is your issue. He died for the Victory. He rose for the Victory. Make sure you are fighting the Battle that is covered by the Shed Blood.

Set Your Face Like Flint:

   Most of the world is without eternal purpose.    There is always economic pressure, social pressure, family pressure and personal guilt and the need to achieve.    Soldier of The Cross, things are really quite simple.  We have been given the moment.  We must live in the moment, and we must do so in accordance with the Word of God.     He has not given us a big list of things to do.  He has not assigned us to some kind of scavenger hunt.  Nor are we left to meet a standard.    We simply need to know Him and to obey Him.  He has promised to lead us. He has promised to change us.  He has promised to give us Peace and He who indwells us empowers us to walk with Him.    Stop trying to make it so complicated.  The deeper, the more simple.    Look up and move on!   

Life is About -

   Life is about the Lord Jesus.    There is no one else so interesting.  There is no one else between God and man.  There is no one else who loves you so.   There is no one else who will save those you love.  There is no one else who will provide for you.  There is no one else who listens to you as He does.     There is no one else who took your sin for you.    There is no other reason to live, because He is Truth, and there is no other.one or way.  It is simple.    Call to Him.  He will answer.  He has never failed to answer.    You must meet Him, get to know Him and serve Him.    There is nothing else.  There is no one else.

The B-I-B-L-E, Yes, That's the Book For ME. . .

   You must have some kind of systematic study of God's Word.       This can be done in any number of ways.  To begin, it is essential to read it through from cover to cover on a regular basis.  Then, there should be a contextual study so that you know the theme of each book, the circumstances of each book and how Jesus is revealed in each book.  There are key verses that should be memorized in each book.  I advocate that they be memorized first in the King James, because so much of the world uses the translation, and because there are many references that were written before the modern translations.   There should be prayer  before study.  Although the mind and emotions are surely satisfied by The Word, it is not an intellectual or emotional journey.  You must be seeking a Person.     Soldier of The Cross, it is never old. It is never ineffective.  It is  never obsolete.    Get to know the Lord.