Enter into The Rest

To some, it seems unfair that we must struggle so, in order to enter into The Rest of Hebrews 4.

After all, we are heirs and adopted sons. Through prayer, we have access to all. We know that nothing is impossible.

We know this world is not our permanent home, yet its gravity is often overwhelming.

Soldier of The Cross, until He comes to call us Home, we have the privilege of living in the New Life, and stepping away from the old nature.

There is a price. The flesh will kick and scream. The flesh wants to be right. To get back. To exalt self. To live forever.

The Bible tells us that the flesh will cease to exist. The Bible also tells us that the old nature no longer has hold over the one who has experienced the New Birth.

Can you say you have experienced the New Birth? Do you know He touched you? Did you affirmatively give your life to Him? Do you love the Brethren? Do you need to share your testimony? Does God's Word make your heart leap? Are you called to the prayer closet?

If so, you must stand apart from the old nature. The Word compels you to make choices based on God's Word, rather than feeling. The outstanding characteristics of the old nature are negative emotion, accusation of the Brethren and the need for earthly security.

Soldier, stand apart.

Cross the Line.

Raise your hands to Him and tell Him you will serve and you will pay the cost.

He has already paid The Price.

Stepping Over the Line

The issue is, are you willing to leave all behind to follow Him?

What does this mean? All we know is, the Word of God makes it clear that He expects the Soldier of The Cross to be unencumbered.

This does not mean irresponsibility, nor does it mean that relationships, work, or home are not taken seriously. It simply means that you cannot serve two masters.

One of the most interesting things about the Indwelling Holy Spirit is His ability to energize for even the smallest tasks.

He who has truly stepped over the line is enabled to "do all unto the Lord."

He energizes for housework. He gives Grace to deal with difficult child issues. He gives Light, patience and supernatural Love to minister in difficult marriages. He imparts a vision that sustains physical suffering for His sake. He makes it a delight to return good for evil.

Soldier, your job has been appointed by the One who holds the stars in place.

You told Him He could have your life. Trusting Him, you have moved a step at a time. Is there any Bible character who followed the Lord without criticism? Suffering? Earthly loss?

Do your best according to God's Word. Make sure you are covering all pressing issues in prayer. After that, present yourself daily before Him to allow His Light to reveal any changes that must be made in your heart.

Memorize His Word.

Wield the Sword.

March into the fray!

The Assurance of Truth

The things not seen are more real than the things that are seen.

That is the beginning of the definition of faith.

Soldier of The Cross, has something happened to you? Did you, in fact, experience the New Birth? Have you been touched by The Lord?

You have the assurance of Truth, in that, you can not get away from the fact that something has happened to you.

Soldier, there is nothing else. There is nowhere else. There is no one else.

The Treasure of Choice

Your life is significant in the Kingdom of Heaven.

There is a tendency to exalt figures whose deeds are known - those who have written books, or those whom about books have been written.

The real value in the stories of those in Christian service is not in the great projects or vast crowds. It is in the daily lives of the Soldiers of The Cross.

Soldier, your days and hours are rich with the treasure of choice.

First, you chose Jesus. Then, you chose to serve Him. Now, that service demonstrates your choice by your godly plodding. It is not always possible to know which bill to pay when there is not enough money. It is not always possible to say the right thing when tragedy strikes.

No matter what you do, there are no earthly guarantees.

Give the Lord the day in the morning. Take in the Word afresh. Trust Him to guide as He said He would. He is eager to shed light on the path, and He has promised to do it.

One step at a time. When you put your foot down, there will be light for the next move.

The Glory is not in being perfect, appearing spiritual, or building the greatest monument.

The Glory is in following hard after the Lord.

The Call to Service

Soldier of The Cross, if you have decided to follow the Lord, He will have indicated the expression of your calling to Him.

Often, the call to service is not in the realm of your natural gifts. This means you must be available and looking for Him, rather than waiting to find your satisfaction in the things that are familiar to you.

Move ahead. Let nothing stop you. If He has called you, He will enable you.

In prayer, the focus must not be the knowing what lies ahead. You must be telling the Lord that you will follow Him one step at a time.

If you have served him for years, He will meet you in the freshness of His Life. If you have just met Him, He will meet you in the same way.

This is not about you. This is about Him.

Edifying Those who Follow Him

What is the meaning of your life?

Is it to serve? Is it to obey? Is it to love?

The deepest and richest responses you have to the Lord will only be sensed by those who have that same response.

In a word, it takes one to know one.

Those who follow hard after the Lord revel in the fellowship of others who have made the same choice.

Soldier of The Cross, be sure you are one who can edify those who have chosen Him.

You must have clean hands. You must have hands raised up and available. You must be alert. You must take up The Cross and Follow Him.

Most Have Never Met Christ

To whom have you ministered this week?

There is no lack of need. There are those who are hungry, those who are imprisoned, those who are sick and those who are aging.

Look around. Most have never met Christ.

There is no excuse to seek an identity or to hunt for purpose. The One who called you also lives in you. He will use your life to reveal Himself as often as you allow Him to.

Be available.

Treasure to be Invested in Him

Soldier of The Cross, Take God at His Word.

He wants your Treasure to be invested in Him, for your good. He has made it clear. There are no exceptions.

Western Christianity is promoting an agenda that is not scriptural. "Christian" media is bombarding believers with the idea that eternal treasure should be invested in family.

This is not scriptural. Of course, a born again child of God must be available to be an example and a minister of Life to anyone and everyone.

The scriptures make it clear that those with whom we live, ought to have the first and richest benefit of our relationship with the Lord.

The Cross must be applied in the home before it can be effective anywhere else. Children must see Jesus. Siblings must see Jesus. Spouses must see Jesus.

There must be a denial of Self, and the taking up of the Cross to follow the One who holds the stars in place.

What is the issue?


Make your choice.

Can He do Anything?

Gaze upon him, who gave His Life as a Ransom for many.

Then, tell Him He can do anything He wants to with your life.

Can He be trusted?

The One who holds the stars in place will withhold no good thing!


You must study the Word of God.

Study only reveals Jesus when the Believer prays about the passage.

It is not possible to intellectually understand God. It is not possible to intellectually understand the Bible. It is not possible to intellectually determine God's will. It is not possible to intellectually fix circumstances.

You are a Soldier of The Cross. You must live by Faith. You must step out on the thing that cannot bear your weight.

Our God is a God of miracles. He does not work any other way.