Are you Off the Path Today?

The Psalmist always agreed with God.

In the Davidic Psalms, David poured out his heart to the Lord. He went to the One who holds the stars in place. He stated his bleak position, his desperate condition and the aggression and darkness of his enemies.

Why are we so encouraged by the Psalms? Why do we turn to this inspired book when we are desperate for consolation?

Because we are reading the words of writers who agreed with God.

Soldier of The Cross, are you off the path today? Have you erred?

He will always receive you and there is always hope. With God, there is no such thing as a dead end. It does not matter how things look. We serve a Lord who is not limited by anything we can name.

Go before Him. Today. Describe to Him the situation. Tell Him you agree with Him, and quote the verses that relate to your situation.

Do it aloud.



What are you willing to go through for the sake of the Gospel?

Anything? Or do you have limits?

Daily Decision

As Soldier of The Cross, you have no rights other than those outlined in God's Word.

You have the right to Sonship. You have the right to an audience before the Throne, anytime, anywhere and for any reason. You have the right to repentance and forgiveness. You have the right to the inheritance you have and the assurance by the Holy Spirit's Seal of Promise.

You do not have the right to earthly security. You do not have the right to a good reputation. You do not have the right to be accepted. You do not have the right to be offended. You do not have the right to have your own way. You do not have the right to be understood.

In fact, the one who has given his life to the Lord has agreed to be a Living Sacrifice and has made the decision to set aside the things that are not of the Cross.

This is a daily decision. In prayer.

Are you alive unto the world? Or are you dead to the world and alive unto Christ?

It is a daily decision.

What is your Bottom Line?

What is your Bottom Line?

Is it what others think of you? Is it financial security? Is it control over your spouse? Is it the need for a mate? Is it physical health? Is it success?

Soldier of The Cross, all these things must be left behind. After all, what does it mean to be dead to the world and alive unto Christ?

Spiritual maturity means agreeing with God.

Get into the Word.

What is your specific situation? Believe me, you will find the answer in The Word.

He wants you to lean on Him. Wait for Him. Trust in Him.

There is nothing else. There is no one else!

The One who Died for you

Soldier, look at The One who died for you.

He counted it a privilege to go to The Cross. He bore the shame for your sake.

It was not for a faceless crowd, but it was personal. For you.

And He rose again.

That same resurrection power is yours by faith. Deflect your attention from things that are not godly, and bend your being toward heaven.

You can walk on the water, by faith. You must resist giving your attention to the storm.

You died with Him, and you can live in Resurrection Life and power - by faith.

Learn to look at Him. Learn to take hold of his promises.

It is exciting when all around swirls with darkness, because we can look unto Him who is the Author and finisher of our faith. We can choose to stand on the Promises.

There is Glory for the Soldier of The Cross, when the enemy presses in.

Look up and move on!

Hid in Mine Heart

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. . .

Psalm 119:11

Soldier, there is a battle raging around. You need to be taking in God's Word afresh each day. And, you must be memorizing each day.

So often children and new believers are taught to learn the primary verses of the faith. After a time, the practice of memorizing wanes.

Without memorizing (even if only a phrase at a time), there can be no meditating on the Word. Without meditating, the Word is not penetrating deeply or constantly.

There can be no power in prayer until the one who prays can agree with God. Agreeing with God requires a depth in His Word.

He is always fresh. He is always new. He is always infinite.

He is always revealing Himself.


What is the Lord's delight?

What is the Lord's delight?


Soldier of The Cross, when you step across the Line into the service of The King, you must agree with God. You must take Him at His Word.

His Word becomes your Standard. You experience strength by faith alone. To assume independence is to be weak and apart from Power.

Hell will be abundantly filled with fools who took things into their own hands, apart from the Lord.

Heaven will be radiant with the glow of those who took Him at His Word.

Stand on the promises!

Spreading of the Gospel

Many have bled and died in the spreading of the Gospel.

In fact, some of the things people have endured seem incomprehensible.

Yet, when you read missionary biographies, the life of the Soldier is marked by stories of God's faithfulness. There are stories of His deliverance. There are stories of exquisite fellowship with others.

If you are available to serve, you will have a special place where you put life's mysteries. This special place is deep in the heart, where things are completely given up to the Lord.

We do not have the capacity to understand everything, nor do we need to know why. In fact, it is none of our business. If we have to know why, it means we are not trusting.

The bottom line is, we follow Him by and through His Word.

To the death, by His Life!

Purpose of your Day

In Isaiah 7, God says He will "whistle" for the flies and the bees.

What an amazing God, who has all things in His control.

Soldier of The Cross, in prayer, you must state the purpose of your day.

Is your purpose to get through unscathed? Is your purpose to complete your agenda? Is your purpose to placate others? Is your purpose to complete some project?

Or, is your purpose to be a Living Sacrifice, in obedience to Romans 12?

Service of Another

What makes a Soldier?

He who knows he has signed up to be in the service of another.

Does that include you?