Aways a Decision:

     There is always a decision to make.  Time is about making choices.

      Many years ago, I heard A.W. Tozer say that in his life, there had been only one or two times when he knew for sure the Lord had given clear direction for an action.

     Of course in times of crisis, we come to Him and He give  us Light and Wisdom.  So many want Him to give traffic arrows at each junction.  Of course, that would eliminate The Cross.

     My wanting His guidance can't be about making sure there is no discomfort or failure in my life.  It has to be about The Cross.  The death of the flesh.

     When I don't know what to do, I do nothing unless there is a compelling deadline that is imminent.  I mean really imminent.

     He who is Wisdom wants us to walk in The Light and grow in Wisdom.   It often takes mistakes to gain Wisdom.

     Soldier, be a no-matter-what Christian.  In prayer, take up The Cross and follow hard after Him.

     He will lead.  Promise.

     Present yourself to him for absolutely anything He wants.  Today.


Our Strange Lord:

     Have you noticed there is only one account of the Israelites walking through the sea on dry ground?

     There is only one burning bush story.  Only one floating ax head.  

     Our God calls us into the unknown, and most Christians are so afraid of that frontier, they miss the excitement of what God can do.

     He never calls us into the always-safe.  It is safe because He calls us and leads us, not because we can get all our ducks in a row first.

     The taking up of the Cross is a commitment to let Him transform us into His likeness.  That means being available for things that are impossible.

     He does it.  We don't have to know how He will do it.

     One foot in front of the other.

     Do you trust Him enough to be available?

     Tell Him now.  Aloud.

Prayer and Light

     Soldier, when you pray about a matter, the thing that happens is that Heaven opens up and you see what is really happening.

     Those who walk in The Light not only have fellowship with one another, but they also see what is really going on.

     We are  not of this world, and it is critical to pray accordingly.  So, Soldier, acknowledge your position before Him, and ask for sight.

     I am in the middle of a horrible family trial. This morning, I asked the Lord to part the seas and let us walk through on dry ground.  Why not?  We can ask.

     Soldier, His Word is a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path.

     For goodness sake,  look up and move on.

Health and Wealth:

     The health and wealth theology is a lie of the enemy.

     Soldier,  yes, you are an adopted son.  Yes, you are in the Kingdom of Light.  Yes, there is the Sabbath Rest.

     Nowhere in God's Word are we told that we will be always healthy or wealthy.  There are wonderful verses about saving, not loaning money, giving,  and even giving sacrificially. But health and wealth is never promised.   That preaching is false.

     Hallelujah, we know divine healing is real and I have experienced it.   We know the Lord honors giving back to Him the first fruits, and I have tasted that and continue to experience it.
     The real truth is, there is no experience of faith or taste of the supernatural unless there is deliverance and release.  For that to happen, there has to be trial and testing.

     Soldier of The Cross, we take up the Cross and follow hard after Him.

     The issue is knowing Him.
     Recognizing Him.
     Being made like him.
     Laying our lives down for the  Brethren.
     Being a Living Sacrifice.

     It is not about being healthy and having stuff.

     Tell Him He can fully have you.
     Now, and aloud.



     Be reminded that He is sovereign over all.

     When we get there it will all make sense.  We'll see even the most unjust events of time made right in eternity.

     He uses the oddest things to bring about His will and to reveal Himself.   He uses illness, birth defects, tragedy and poverty.  And in particular, He allows unfairness and misunderstanding.  When our children go astray, it is beyond unbearable.

     It is all His business. 

     Can He really be trusted, or do we only talk and sing about  the Everlasting Arms?

     You are a Soldier of The Cross, and that means you have made the decision to take up The Cross and follow hard after Him. Are you willing to let Him do anything with your life?

      When you tell Him He can do anything with your life, there is a release and a broader grace to endure things that can't be avoided. 

     We bring much on ourselves, but there are always things that are so unfair and twisted, words can't completely describe them.

     Every day and every hour by prayer.  Deal with matters in prayer and then be vigilant about your thoughts.  Most people live in the thought life instead of the Now.

     Soldier, keep moving in the Light of God's Word.
    Trust Him, and tell Him so.  Aloud.



       Most of pressure experienced is related to duties yet unfulfilled.

       I am always amazed when a bride is in a tizzy about a wedding that is months away.  The comment is always "There is so much to do".  The fact is, it is not about much to do, it is about what is yet undone.

      Soldier of The Cross, you must function just the same where matters are resolved or unresolved.  The issue is, what is before you?   What should you be doing now?

     Is the undone being brought to Him in prayer?             

     Is it about your need to have nothing undone, or is there an impending responsibility to get it done now?

     Soldier, most pressure we experience is an emotional hologram, often projected by the one who so hates all of us.

     We take it all to Him.  We have the armor, and it is donned in prayer.

     Take it to Him as soon as anxiety rears its ugly head.
     Deal with it aloud, claiming His word.

     Then look up and move on.  We are in His Army. We always do the next thing.

Need To Know:

     When someone begins sharing negative second-hand information about another believer, you must stop the conversation.

     Most Christians simply don't have the backbone to ether stop the conversation  or extricate themselves from it.

     You're not accountable to the speaker, you're accountable to the One who says you should not participate in gossip.  The problem is, gossip is so interesting.  In fact, just hearing the words, "did you hear about Susie's marriage breaking up?" makes the flesh quiver and tingle with the desire to hear all about it.

     I have often preached about this matter.  Years ago I walked in on a conversation in my home.  Two women in the church were talking and when I came in the room, one of them turned to me and said "We don't like "so-and-so".  I suppose I should not have been surprised, but these were women who had both been in  years of my Bible studies. I held up my palm to them and immediately left the room.

     We are so often unaware of our vulnerabilities and fall into the enemy's cleverly placed traps.

     Gossip is a terrible, terrible thing.  God's Word is abundantly clear.   The problem is, we are not aware of these things until we take them to prayer.  The Indwelling Holy Spirit is quick to nudge the Soldier of The Cross and alert him or her.

     You have told the Lord He could have all of you for anything He wants.  You have told Him you want to be changed.

     That means you are going to be held to the standard you long for.  Listening to gossip is like drinking from a sewer.  It causes contagious infection.. 

     Take this matter to the Lord and learn to be discerning and obedient.   

     Ask to see what is really happening, and ask to learn to  obey in this area.
     Ask aloud.



The Tongue:

     I have never understood why Christians complain about the weather.
     It makes no sense.  There is nothing that can be done about it.

     This is something the Soldier of The Cross needs to avoid.  Murmuring about anything chips away at the ability to see and hear the Lord.

     The Bible calls it a sin, and it is so common in our churches.

     A good definition of murmuring is : a subdued or private expression of discontent or dissatisfaction.

      Murmuring is a mark of immaturity and is a virus.   There are ways to prayerfully address and discuss issues that need attention or change, and they are the opposite of complaining.

     He Who is The Word holds us accountable for our words.  When we bring the matter to Him in prayer, we will then be  more sensitive to what we say.   As a rule, this is the  most difficult change, in that it is often a life habit.

     Bring this to the attention of children.  Make a priority of reporting things that are negative in such a manner that eliminates whining.

     Take it to Him. Aloud.


About Your job:

     Soldier of The Cross, your job is to be a minister of Life.    

     This means you must be available to the leading of the Holy Spirit and not predetermine what you will be saying in situations - including in your home!

     One of the enemy's favorite things is to project scenes onto the screen of your mind that play out various confrontations.  When this happens, fantasy takes over, and the imagination comes up with all sorts of conversations.   Then feelings swell, and the Christian victim decides what he or she will say.

     Stop right now.  Be aware of what happens in your mind.  Wisdom rarely predetermines what to say.

     Let the Indwelling Holy Spirit lead you.

     Take it to Him.  Aloud.
     Then go into the situation, consciously waiting for Him to lead.
     On the other side of the conversation, you will feel clean.  It is  not a matter of winning.  It is a matter of ministering Life.

This Strange Life:

     Soldier, be careful that you do not consider it better when all is peaceful and you have plenty.  Of course it is nicer, and we are to as much as possible, be at peace with all men.

     We know, however that this world is not our home and that we are moving toward Glory.

     We are to keep praying to be changed into His likeness.
     Until the dying breath, the Soldier of The Cross must seek Jesus.

     And those who do the above, are in for plenty of heartache.   The difference is, in the service of the Lord,  even heartache knows a sweetness.

     We know it is not over here.  We know it will all be made fair, and clear and  more than better in the sweet bye and bye.

     This is not something we know by being taught - it is something we know by going through it and submitting to Him.

     Never pray for trials and never pray for hardship, as you will surely have your share.

     But Soldier, stand before Him i n prayer and be available and tell Him so.  Aloud.  Agreeing with God is the way to walk in The Light.

     This has to be desirable to you, and you must tell Him so.