Our Strange Lord:

     All we know is all we know.

     He does things that are so strange to us and we call them miracles.  Like, turning water into wine.  How strange is that? And,  after the guests were well sated.

     What about the floating ax head?  Or the flour and oil that wouldn't quit.?   Maybe the Red Sea dividing so His people could walk on dry land?

     Who can explain Jericho?

     We could go on and on.

     The Resurrection changes everything.  It makes the things He does seem normal.  Not average, just normal.

     You know these things are true, because the One who did them came to reside in you.

     And, He's never leaving. 

     Soldier, that Resurrection Life is yours, and you need to gaze upon The One who rose from the dead.  Get to a private place.  Look at him.  Talk to Him.  

     He is waiting for you.

     Do it now.  Aloud.



     Soldier, you know all the right answers, and you know the verses.

     Be the warrior who watches while drinking from the water. (Judges 7:5)

     The battle is in the mind, and the enemy does all he can to make you feel something negative.  Unless you realize what is happening, you are had!

     Irritation is the result of negative thought. It is also a form of anger.  Panic is usually the experience of a satanic attack.  There are physical conditions that can be controlled, but it is not the common experience for the Soldier of The Cross.  The enemy loves to make the Soldier angry at another believer.  His favorite thing is a Christian with an angry tongue.
     Much discouragement is the enemy's projection to the mind of impending or current failure.

     This world is not your home.  You are a sojourner and a pilgrim.   This means soaring through today, or slogging through today.  Either one could be a victory.

     Be vigilant and pray about this matter.
     Today.  Aloud.     

What Touches Your Heart?

     Soldier of The Cross, you cannot afford to be driven by sentiment.

     This does not mean you can't feel things, but it does mean you can't be driven by feelings.  We are about God's Word. There are standards that are black and white.  Period. 

     The conflict comes when you know for sure what God's Word says, but a situation before you requires compromise.

     You may not do it.

     You have supernatural access to Wisdom, and you must go there.   The enemy relentlessly pulls on your emotions and human obligations.  This is not about "suppose to's".   This is about being a Living Sacrifice and being led by the Holy Spirit of God.

     He will never led you into anything predicable or commonly acceptable.

     God's Word is More Real Than The Way That You Feel.

     Agree with God about this.  And, do it aloud.  today.

     Oh, Soldier, please.  Do not waste time.




Sabbath Rest:

     There really is a resting place for the Soldier of The Cross.

     Hebrews 4 tells us of this.  It is a Place of security and of the rolling of the burden on Him.  It has nothing to do with the fight about Saturday or Sunday.

     Soldier of The Cross, you have made a decision.  You have decided you are His no matter what the  cost.  That means, of course, there is a cost.

     The issue is, is His Word going to rule, or are circumstances going to rule?  It is a matter of Flesh v. Faith. As a trial attorney, I have to say, it's a great analogy.

     Read the chapter and then consider it.  Memorize one or two of the verses.

     Soldier, you do not have the capacity to carry your burden.  That is why He has so often told you to give it to Him.  It is a process, and it happens in prayer.  You go to Him, give it to Him by faith, and when you get up off your knees, you might feel just the same.

     It's not the same.  You have obeyed and He will relieve you of the oppression you are experiencing.

     What is around you and what you are seeing is not real.   The Kingdom of His Dear Son and the Kingdom of Light is real.

     Don't be deceived.  Run to him.  Claim the Sabbath Rest.

     Discuss it with Him and do it aloud.  Today.

     Be a Believer with a backbone and stand on God's Word in the face of the enemy.  And do it aloud    

Your Issue as Opposed to His:

     Soldier of The Cross, you must decide if He is right or if you must challenge Him.

     How fruitless would that be.  But, He can take it.

    The bottom line is, are you or are you not totally available?  If not, you'd better tell Him. And, if you can actually say that to Him,  of course it defines who you are and what you want.

     There is nothing else.
     There is no one else.

     Soldier, for goodness sake,  let Him know He can have all of you, no matter what it takes.

     Tell Him today.  Aloud. 

Running to The Rock:

     Yes, He is Rock of Ages, cleft cleft for me and for you.

     He is so personal.

     The most important habit for you to develop is that of running to Him first.  Asking Him first.  Telling Him first.   Seeking His guidance first.

     I am constantly amazed how long Christians suffer before taking matters to the Lord. Sometimes it has to be hopeless before He is approached.

     At the first sign of illness, He should be asked to heal.  Then, go see a doctor.  Why would someone be praying about the matter for the first time from the doctor's office?

     You are a soldier of The Cross, and that makes you in full-time ministry.  Not the way the term is usually used, in that you might not hold any title.  But, as far as The Word of God is concerned, you are certainly His full-time Servant.

     So, why would you go to a meeting without coming before Him first?
     Would you attend a parent teacher conference without prayer first?
     How is it possible to organize your finances without prayer?
     You need to discipline a child?  You have no full sight until you have prayed about it first.
     Need to work out something with your mate?  Why go over and over it in your mind to make sure you are prepared?   You need His Wisdom, and He can fill your mouth or close it, as needed.

     We were created to be dependent.  It is so critical to remember that underneath are the Everlasting Arms.

     Soldier, take it all to Him.  Aloud.

     Start today and ask His help in this. Living without constant prayer about everything is like being blindfolded and striking at a pinata labeled "today".

     No time for self analysis.  Look up and move on!


Worry- the Believer's Quicksand:

     It is not possible to reach some kind of high spiritual plain that exempts the Soldier of The Cross from worrying.   

     So, relax.  You are not alone.

     Worry is first nature to the flesh.  The flesh is not going to last eternally, so it struggles, whines, and paws the ground in an effort to gain some control over matters that either haven't happened, or that have happened and are yet unresolved.

     The bottom line is, what does the Bible say?   I understand that you know the verses and could quote them to me.  But what does He say?

    He says,  “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened [by religious rituals that provide no peace], and I will give you rest [refreshing your souls with salvation]. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me [following Me as My disciple], for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest (renewal, blessed quiet) for your souls. For My yoke is easy [to bear] and My burden is light.”    Matthew 11: 28-30 (Amplified Bible)

     You were not created to bear the burden of worry.   The formula begins with going to him  and telling Him aloud that,  by faith and according to His Word, you will roll your burden over on Him.  You can remind Him that He said He would give you "quiet" for your soul.

     You  might need to say this to Him over and over.

     Peace is available to you.

     Absent a crisis, worry is habitual if the Soldier is not vigilant.  The first step is to recognize it.  The second step is to go immediately to the Lord.  The third step is to memorize verses for  each day (you might  not remember them the next day).  The Indwelling Holy Spirit will remind you of the verse, or perhaps a hymn that you need to sing at the top of your lungs.

     Chances are, the enemy is after your attention, and you have been sucked in.  Once you come to the Lord and admit you are helpless,  you are doling something about the situation. 

     Remember, this is warfare.  That armor is to protect you, and there is a helmet that protects the mind.

     The battle is in the mind.

     Soldier, as soon as you recognize your thoughts and run to the Lord, the Indwelling Holy Spirit will nudge you the next time.  If you are obedient and change your thoughts, you will begin to walk daily in a pattern of seeing what is really happening and also seeing that He will provide.

     You must approach Him aloud because your choice of words is the process of agreeing with Him.       
     Tell Him you want to be changed. 
     Tell Him you agree with Him that faith is the only way to know Him. 
     Tell Him you want to know Him and that you want to be a disciple more than anything.
     Ask Him to let you be aware of your thoughts.
     Ask Him to provide or solve the problem according to His Will.
     Most importantly, ask Him to do anything and everything to make you more like Him.

     Soldier, this is life changing.   Worry is spiritual cancer and it eats away at the soul and cripples the spirit.

     Tell Him today.   Aloud.                     

Just Plain Love:

     There are times when Love is quiet.

     People are often flattered when asked for advice.  When asked for direction, most folks will fall all over themselves to help.  I have often had bad directions from the most well-intended helpers.

     Similarly. when one Believer shares personal difficulty with another, there is often too much eagerness that results in a ministry of death.  More often than not, the "right answer" is the wrong thing to say.

     There are spiritually gifted counselors.  Those Servants are careful to avoid trite truisms.  They are not necessarily going to console the listener by saying what the troubled soul wants to hear.

     The Lord is the same way with us.  We want short-cut answers that stop the bad feelings and we want security about the future that will insure no need for faith.

     Of course He speaks through His Word and His servants.  But the Soldier of The Cross must be willing to minister selflessly during times of waiting to hear from the Lord. 

     It isn't about our  problem-solving ideas..  The most loving Problem-solver has a Plan to make us like Him.  That Plan goes far beyond anything we can describe with words.

     So Soldier, take it to Him, even frequently.  While you are waiting to see Him in the situation,  step forward one foot at a time and serve.

     He has already answered.  You just can't see it now, because of this rich choice-making element called "time".

     Be sure you are praying aloud.

     Now, look up and move on.

Everything Counts:

     Soldier of The Cross, you have no idea of the value all of your thoughts and words.

     Amy Carmichael wrote her most profound poetry and books while she was paralyzed and in chronic pain for 19 years.   (Rose From Briar)

     Consider Paul, who wrote four stunning Epistles from prison, and not a nice prison!

     And what about John, who wrote from Patmos, and had been boiled in oil and banned from civilization?

     When I was in high school, I went to a Christian and Missionary Alliance church near my house.   I was not born again, but I was an MK and knew all the right answers.  I could quote hundreds of verses and had won awards for that from the time I was 2 years old.

     I  thought I was fine.

     Her name was Shirley and she was retarded and had a harelip.  I was always bothered by her because she was about 45 and wore her bobby socks wrong.  I was 17, and these were the 60's.  Bobby socks were incredibly important.

     The thing was, Shirley was the only person in the church who understood I had never been born again.  It wasn't that I was faking it, as there was that there was nothing to fake.  I knew the answers, sang loudly, and did not rebel.

     No parent went with me, but for some reason, I was there every time the door was open.  And when it was time for Wednesday night prayer meeting,  I tried to figure out how not to be in Shirley's group, because I knew she would pray for me vigorously.

     I was consistently unsuccessful.   I got stuck in her prayer group almost every week and hated it. She would pray and pray and pray for me until I thought I would die.

     At 29, I met the Lord. I was shocked. One of my first thoughts was about Shirley, and how she had prayed for me.  No on else knew.

     There were others just before I came to Him.   They have no idea how effective they were.
     Oh, Soldier, put on the Armour, give yourself to Him in the morning (aloud) and give the result to Him.

     Stand before Him about this and do it aloud.


His Choice:

     Soldier, in the long run, He is over all.

     It is so easy to denigrate our leaders.  The reality is, there must be a tighter grip on the tongue.

     What does God's Word say?  We are to pray for those who are in fact, allowed to be in power because He has allowed it. I have been stunned at some of the social media postings by Christians.  Lots of them are just plain nasty.

     The Soldier of The Cross has to hear what he or she is saying all the time.  There is  not one verse that says we can take a stab at a public figure that is disrespectful and makes fun of that person.  Obedience does not do that.

     This is not to say the one in such an office is sacred.  This doesn't mean discussion has to be avoided.  It simply means that there is no room on the front lines for vitriolic language spewed out and this is always without original knowledge.

    The Christian who slams or trashes public figures is also likely to complain about the weather, and whine about any number of things.

     The tongue ought to be dedicated to the Lord each day.

     This is a good day to begin this habit.

     Tell Him- today and aloud.