Walk Before Him:

     All Believers agree our God is attentive to our thoughts and actions.


     Yet, many live as though it were not true.  


     The soldier of The Cross has no privacy.    Though I do not believe the enemy is able to read your thoughts,  consider that your countenance, your body language, your speech and your actions either betray you, or confirm that you have determined to live according to His Word.


     There is a protected Place - agreeing with God and telling Him so each day.


        The reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and skill [the  preceeding and the first essential, the prerequisite and the alphabet]: a good undersanding, wisdom and meaning have all those who d0 [the will of the Lord].  Their praise of Him endures forever.         

                                             Psalm 111:10 (Amplified Bible)


     Tell Him today.  Aloud.


     Soldier of The Cross, if you must be treated well, you will never be free.


     Christians often forget it is the old nature that huffs and snorts to be treated with respect and understood.


     We are protected.  We have choice.  We have the indwelling Holy Spirit and we have unlimited prayer access to The Prince of Peace who went through it all for us.

      "Looking away [from all that will distract] to Jesus, Who is the Leader and the Source of our faith [giving the first incentive for our belief] and is also its Finisher [bringing it to maturity and perfection]. He, for the joy [of obtaining the prize] that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising and ignoring the shame, and is now seated at the right hand of the throne of God."
                       Hebrews 12:2  (Amplified Bible)


     Tell Him Today.




     You must learn to pray.


     This means a time set apart from all else and it has to be aloud.  You need to articulate your purpose and desire  to The One who holds the stars in place.


     No time?  Not true.  He has given you enough time to obey Him and to know Him.  Stop making excuses.


     Oh, soldier of The Cross, there is no other way to live.  Those who have a prayer life know release.

     They know Peace.
     They know energy.
     They know Sight.
     They know Wisdom

      Most importantly, they recognize the Lord.

     Fuel up in the Word and then go to Him.  Approach Him in the cathedral of your heart.


     There is no other way to live.  It is either unto Him or unto life by sight. 


     Who would chose the latter?


     Soldier, tell Him today.

Praying Aloud:

     Unless there is some imposed restriction, there must be prayer that is aloud.


     After one or two specific requests, silent prayer usually dissolves into wool-gathering and then dissinigrates entirely.


     Vigorous prayer lives are not that common, but they are the result of letting the Holy Spirit lead in the formation of thoughts and selection of words.  the Lord often speaks to the Soldier of The Cross through words  offered in prayer.       


     He who is The Word specifically leads and cleanses in this way.


     There must be verbal adoration.  Verbal confession. Verbal intercession.   Verbal submission.  Verbal agreeing with God.


     Yes, He intercedes for us and fills the gap when words can't be found.


     Yes, there are situations such incarceration and  hospitalization that make it difficult to have this kind of privacy.  In and with Grace, He attends to those Soldiers.


     Folks pray while they drive, while they clean, while they walk. 


     There must be another time that is set aside for a private time with the Lord (carefully watched by the unseen world) for the Soldier to approach the Throne of Grace.  He or she will be led in prayer for eternal impact.


     Tell Him today.







Moving On:

     One of the identifying characteristics of the Soldier of The Cross is his or her pursuit of God.


     Yes, it is supernatural and, no it can't be drummed up.  Nonetheless,  it takes obedience and a willingness to move out of the comfort zone into the realm of His Presence.


      This is not about a gooey feeling.   Gooey is addictive and addicts the Believer to want feel the same thing. 


    The pursuit of God means doing the thing that results in the no-matter-what position before the Lord.  What does that for you?  For me, it is being with those whose determined purpose it is to know Him.  I am deeply stirred and challenged by the lives of many who have gone before.  Many years ago I determined to read as many Christian biographies as I could.


     Soldier, you must seek out the thing that makes you eager to be a Living Sacrifice.    What is it that reveals Jesus to you?  


      There must be a devotional life and there must be fellowship.  Locate those who want Him no-matter -what.   Be with them.  Pray with them.  Read about them.


     Tell him you want Him more than anything and more than ever.
     Tell Him aloud.


His Heart:

     True kindness is the result of the Holy Spirit's control.


     Nice isn't always kind.  The serpent was probably nice to Eve, yet it was certainly devoid of any kindness, knowing it wanted sin and death to result from her decision.


     Kindness is like Love;  it is not a respecter of persons but is also able to have a backbone when making unpopular decisions.


     Real kindness is braided with wisdom.


     How exquisitely kind is the Lord Jesus.  What remarkable graciousness
He displayed while dying on The Cross. 


     Kindness is a filigree of graciousness and security that protects the heart and tongue of the Soldier of The Cross.


     Oh, how we need to be always filled with His Life.


     Tell him aloud.


     Sometimes it does take one to know one.


     Those who take up the Cross and follow hard after Him are recognized by other Soldiers of The Cross.


     Water seeks its own level.


     Oh, Soldier, spend time with those who are gazing upon Him, talking about Him,  and are willing to pay the price to be with Him.


     It is not a super-human effort.  It means a welcome for the Holy Spirit to kneed, convict and reveal.  It is for the Soldier who hears the knock and opens the door in order to sup with the One who holds the stars in place.


     Be available.  Be ready.  Be in prayer that is fueled by God's Word.  He brings His Own together and He is Present.  On this globe, there is no greater pleasure than enjoying Him with others who long for him.


     After thirty seven years of serving Him, I am still amazed that Grace went after me and won me.  It is not hard for Him to bring his Soldiers together, in order for Him to be especially Present with  and among them.


     Soldier of The Cross, tell Him.


     Lord, as I stand before you tonight, I agree with Your Word; I am not my own provider.


     I know whether or not I have work, I must pray in my daily bread.  Please open my eyes to see that while I must be diligent and responsible, all things come from you.


     You told me you know about each sparrow that falls and that you clothe the lilies of the field.  


     I know you are vastly wealthy  and I tend to pray about finances as though you were limited. I sound like a beggar instead of a Son.  Oh Lord, teach me to be Spirit-led in praying about money.


     My longing is to serve you without distraction and to step away from desperation when things look bleak.  Conversely Lord, I don't want to splash in inappropriate relief when there is abundance.  I know it is all yours and I am only the steward.


     Change me Lord.  Teach me. 

     My Lord and my  God.



Your Mission Field:

     Feeling useless?


     The home is the most immediate mission field and next is the Church.


      At home, it is easy to fall into familiar operations, casual and careless statements, and thoughts that assassinate others.


      Then there is the Church. The Church is filled with weak sinners, saved by Grace.  We are to lay our lives down for each other, and it must be beyond human concept.  It must be done in and by prayer, self-sacrifice,  and requires the death of the flesh - The Cross.


     Both of these precious institutions are always under attack by the enemy.  Sometimes worse than others.  Both of these offer opportunity to die to self.  To put others first.  To reveal the supernatural Love that flows through His Own.


     Soldier of The Cross, your sacrificial service is desperately needed - to bind the enemy and to reveal Jesus.


     If you are called to go, go.  In the meantime, He will  illuminate and empower you as you are more and more available.


     Tell Him.  aloud.

Times of Trouble:

     We who are His, fall prey to the same emotional turmoil as do those who don't know Him.


     It isn't possible to go through life without being upset.  Nor is it possible to reach some kind of spiritual level that insulates from vigorous distress.


     A Provision has been made so that we have choice.  Walking on the water is the result of the Soldier who has prayed about how to live.  How to react.  How to see reality.  How to wait.  When to speak and when to be quiet.


     Then at the time of the storm, the Holy Spirit reminds that Pilgrim that the One who calms the winds and the sea is extending His hand.


     Soldier of The Cross, you have chosen a path that is not common.  You may not live according to your emotions or according to what you see happening.  You must live by the Word of God.


     He who prays much about how to walk before God and man, is one who can be supernaturally serene in the face of the unthinkable.


     Many people say "I never could have gotten through it without the Lord. . ."  Well, most do get through it with or without the Lord, but most do not understand that suffering is sweetened by submission and obedience.


     Oh, Soldier!   Tell Him today.