Plodding On:

      Victory seems so far away.


     You are tired, feel defeated, and unsupported.


      Remember the moment when you caught the vision?  Did you believe you were led of the Lord?


     If there is any possibility He is in it, keep on. One step at a time.  In ministry, there are times when it seems like nothing is working and no one is listening.


     You are a Soldier of The Cross. Not for wimps.


     Go go Him for encouragement and wisdom. It was not His intent for you to keep the momentum by yourself.  Drink of Him.


     Tell Him now.

     Look up and move on.



     Children learn best by example.


     It is critical to train little ones so they can be taught. .   Of course, love is  the bottom line.  And, real ove will sacrifice the child's approval for what is best for that child.


     The first time a child says "no", there should be pretty scary consequences.  With girls, it is usually around 1 year.  Boys, maybe a little later, but it is one of the first words they learn.  A tiny one can be held and face to face, told that may never happen again.  In the event  of a  second time,  there has to be a  more significant consequence.  Perhaps sitting in a chir in the corner.  The "No!"  coming from the child is one of the most serious offenses a little one can commit, and it is often met with chuckling or it is ignored.


     You are not responsible to see it never happens again.  You are only responsible to meet it with an appropriate consequence every single time - without fail.  Over the years,  that is the thing that protects you from the ultimate frustration. Your job is to meet rebellion with a consequence.  Different children yield at difference ages;  some as adults.   The issue is not the fix.  The issue is right and wrong and your loving and calm consistency.


     Teaching  has to do with the  Word of God.    Who He is.  What He requires.  Songs and verses learned when children are little stay with them forever.   


     Most importantly,  we raise our children on our knees. They are not ours.  They are His.    I know wonderful Saints who have given up their children to the Lord hundreds of times.    He never promised they would  be paragons of virtue growing up.  


     They must see our lives reflecting the One on whom we rely.  Saying all the right Christian things is a ministry of death if there is anger and rebellion in the soul of the speaker.


     We always pray that our children may know the New Birth and learn to be Living Sacrifices.  It isn't a factory procedure. It means they will go through some hard things.


     Soldier, seek out other parents you know are willing to yield their children to the Lord.  Establish a weekly time of prayer together.   He gets it.  You are not alone.


     Tell him today.  Aloud.




     Soldier,  you have no idea how others see you.


     We are all aware of our struggles, but we are not aware of our actual faults. Of course, nothing is hidden from Him.  In the thick of things, it is easy to feel defeated and often we think others can see the tire marks on our backs.


     You are His letter to all others.  He has written  on you and you must deliver, even thought you don 't feel like it.   We are not of this world.  Our home is not here.  No exceptions.


     Your ministry to all the world and to others close and far, is based on His Word.  Not on what you are going through, not on your feeling of failure, and not on what anyone is saying about you.


     You have absolutely no idea how you appear to others.   You have total control over your countenance, and your tongue must reflect Truth.


     Soldier of The Cross,  it is not about you.  It is about others.  Address what is before you according the to Word of God.  You are NOT limited by the thing you are going through.


     Give it to Him, today and aloud.

The Struggle:

     Soldier of The Cross, are you down on yourself because you feel so needy?


     Do you find yourself thinking that you should have it more together by now?


     When you feel in control, drop everything and go to prayer.    You were created to lean on Him.  To depend on Him. It is His intent that you become more and more aware of your own inability to do this on your own.  Remember this wonderful old hymn?


     The joy I can't explain fills my heart,
      Since the day I made Jesus my King;
      His blessed Holy Spirit is leading my way,
      He's teaching and I'm learning to lean.

      I'm learning to lean, learning to lean,
      Learning to lean on Jesus.
      Finding more power than I'd ever dreamed,
      I'm learning to lean on Jesus.

      There's glorious vict'ry each day now for me,
      Since I found His peace so serene;
      He helps me with each task, if only I'll ask;
      Ev'ry day now I'm learning to lean.

      I'm learning to lean, learning to lean,
      Learning to lean on Jesus.
      Finding more power than I'd ever dreamed,
      I'm learning to lean on Jesus.


His Discipline:

     There must come a time when His discipline is welcome.


     We usually don't recognize it until the pain has subsided.  Often, it is administered through the most unpleasant people, and rarely is it pre-announced.


     We don't need to pray for it, as it already promised. We need to pray to be willing for Him to do absolutely anything in us in order to make us like Him.


     I guarantee, you can't pray that if you don't mean it.  


     May He do anything in you?  Anything with your life?    Are you willing to make your life about being dead to the world and alive unto Christ?


     He doesn't do this by making us stuff-knowers.  He does it by teaching us to trust when it seems too late.  He does it by allowing us to be misunderstood and misquoted.  He also does it by taking things and people away.  He will cut and chisel.


     We must learn to and how to obey His Word. Unflaggingly.


     You must tell Him these things aloud.    It avoids wool-gathering, and allows a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in being led.  It also teaches us how not to pray, as with our own ears, we can often hear our lack of submission.


     At the end, you will see that every single thing allowed in your life was screened by his Love.



This Little Light of Mine:

     We desperately need the Word of God afresh.


     Without it, there is no Light.    The are many Christians who are stuff-knowers, yet they walk in darkness.


     Without His Word on a consisent basis, you are like an LED light, only taking on a dim glow when around those who are beaming.


     You don't feel like it.
     You don't have the time.
     You always get interrupted.
     You don't understand some of it.


     Well, are you a Soldier of The Cross?    You can't battle without fuel.  You can't pray without fuel. 


     Soldier,  ask Him to open it up to you.  Many things are hidden until the available soul discovers them in the Word. 


     It is not an option , even though  Believers often seem not to think about it.


     It doesn't need to be a long time.  Go through the Bible as it is written - cover to cover.   Maybe read it aloud.  You will find your mind chewing on what you read.  Even the "begats".  Might take you a year.  Does it matter?


     It is fine and even necessary to ask the Holy Spirit to open it up to you.  After all, the whole Book is the revelation of a Person.


     Take it to Him now.  Make yourself available.   Aloud.


Prayer as a Last Resort:

     So many times I have heard Christians say, "well, now, there is nothing to do but pray."


    The real meaning is,  if there were something they could think of doing, that thing would be done to resolve the matter, and probably without prayer.


     The worse  we perceive the situation to be, the stronger the urge to immediately do something.  Much damage is done by well-meaning folks who rush into a situation, saying all the right things, but ministering death instead of Life.


     Of course there are events such as medical emergencies, fire, etc, that require  instant physical attention.  More often than not, other kinds of situations involve someone close, and the flesh screams to do something right now.


     We have good instruction about clothing the naked,  feeding the hungry. visiting those in prison and laying our lives down for the brethren.  Interestingly these activities have not been experienced by many.


     When it comes to being misquoted,  misunderstood, or something not granted that should have been ours, the old nature is energized and the mind immediately goes into a whirlwind of unproductive thought.


     Something terrible done by your spouse ought  not to be addressed at all until there has been prayer.  Submissive prayer that yields up the situation to Him for any result that will glorify Him.


     When you stepped across the Line and told Him you would be wholly His, you gave up a lot of rights:


     You don't have the right to be  understood.
     You don't have the right to be treated well all the time.
     You don't have the right to sputter and carry on for hours on the phone       when you are misunderstood or someone takes action against you.
     And whoever said if you did everything right, your children would turn out to be what you always wanted for them? 


     Soldier, you do have the right to approach the Throne of Grace.


     Let's go first to the only One who will do a real fix instead of applying a Band-Aid.  Those who pray early and much about everything will walk in The Light.  There is a release of the Holy spirit in submissive prayer that gives endurance and points out wisdom.


     We are adopted Sons.


     Tell Him today.  And do it aloud so you are carefully choosing words and can hear the Holy Spirit leading you.


     You only know what is before you.


     The reason we are to live by faith and not by sight is,   we only have a worm's eye view. 


     The problem is like a tsunami.  There is nothing that can stop it and the damage is already irreparable and vast.   But Soldier, consider this;  He who holds the stars in place is able to put His Hand on the situation and reveal Himself.  That always means healing and hope.


     Most Christians live from problem to problem.  It seems like things are only ok when there is no threat of something that ought not to be.


    Reality is, nothing is ever out of His control.  Soldier of The Cross, agree with God.  You may stand alone.  What difference does it make if you are misunderstood or if others wage against you?


     Of course He cares, and yes He will intervene.   In the meantime, take up The Cross and follow hard after Him.


     Life doesn't start after the problem is solved.  If you have taken it to Him, He will deal with it.    In the meantime,  "joy cometh in the morning."


     Soldier, gaze upon him.  Think about what He did for us.    It's amazing.  The King of Glory left that situation and came to suffer and die for us.  He absolutely will not ignore your situation.


     After all, underneath are the Everlasting Arms!


     Tell Him today.  Make sure it is aloud.

God's Word is More Real Than the Way that You Feel:

     Soldier of The Cross, you were created for obedience and Fellowship with Him.


     You were created to rely on Him.    You are to learn to Lean on The Everlasting Arms.


     And of course, you feel things.  The issue is, when you are feeling something that is not in line with His Word,  you must behave according to obedience, rather than feeling.   This is something that is dealt with in prayer.  After you have taken it to the Lord,  The Indwelling Holy Spirit  will remind you of the Word and you then have a choice. 


     It is possible to blisteringly angry and still take it to Him in faith.  There is no promise that feeling will immediately dissipate, but the issue is, taking it to Him in faith.  You must present yourself to Him, agree with Him,  and then let hHm have His way not only with the situation, but with you.


     The flesh has all sorts of feelings that are not in line with The Word:  despair, frustration, worry (is a feeling), impatience,  anger, fear, and on and on.


     There is no"arrival". No one ever reached some kind of spiritual level at which there is never a negative emotional ripple.    And, thank the Lord!  Because we need to learn.  We need to present ourselves before Him for release and training.


     It is possible to obey in this area.  For most, it is a completely foreign territory.  Feelings usually dictate thoughs and actions.  Often to distruction.  And always to distraction.


     We are created for Victory.   Tough for the flesh, but intended for the healing of the soul and the release of the spirit.


     Soldier, take it to him and tell Him you want to be changed.   Do you have enough backbone for that?  


     Tell Him today and be sure to tell Him aloud.

The Jerk:

     There is always someone.


     No one can tell you how to handle the situation because it is never actually the same as someone else's encounter.


     And, the problem person is usually a Christian.


     We've been taught Grace, and that is usually the first application of affirmatively dealing with it.   We've been taught forgiveness, and that is something that happens in prayer.


     Often it is someone who has all the answers and yes, sometimes you must follow with damage control.


     One thing you must not do is, go to the Lord and tell Him how to handle it.  Prayer according to God's Word brings Light - Wisdom.    What you crave is knowing what to do when it happens next.   He usually doesn't work that way.   the majority of the time, the Holy Spirit will give you the words or show you the moves when you need them.


     There are times when more drastic measures must be taken.    There are times when the person must be confronted.  There are times when the person must be told to leave , sometimes put completely out.


      Most of us have had moments that were not golden. Here,  I am talking about damage to lives, and the quenching of the Holy Spirit in the work of the Lord. 


     When I was first saved, a wise pastor told me that if I planned to go into Christian service I had to remember two things:  first,  sometimes the people you have helped the most will hurt you the most;  second, the farther you go with the Lord, the fewer there are who want what you want, but the greater the Glory.


     Soldier of The Cross, remember there is an enemy who would love to distract you, slow you down and gobble you up, hurting others in the path.


     Take it to the Lord over and over if need be.  Be careful of creating policies in this area.   You never know what He is doing in someone else's heart.


     Talk to Him about it today.  Be sure it is aloud.