No Matter What:

     Are you hungry for real fellowship?


     Then, seek it out.  Pray about it and look for those who want the same thing.


     You can fellowship with your chidlren, with a pen pal, with someone in prison or someone who is retarded, but loves the Lord.


     The issue is, you must seek other seekers.


     Soldier of The Cross, the enemy is bound and driven away by red hot fellowship.   It isn't cheap and comes at a cost. 


     Ask the Lord to teach you to recognize Him.


     Ask Him aloud.  Today

The Chimes of Time:

      Remember the old Hymn,  "The Chimes of Time?"

     "The chimes of time ring out the news another day is through.  Someone slipped and fell,  was that someone you?
      You may have long for added strength, your courage to renew.  Do not be disheartened for I bring hope for you!
      It is no secret what God can do.   What He's done for others, He'll do for you.   With arms wide open,  He'll pardon you;  It is no secret what God can do"


      Oh, Soldier, is this true for you?  Is it possible that He is greater than all the things that have assaulted you?


      He is the God of second and third and  however many are needed, chances.


     This is about your child.  He sees it.  He understands it.  He was not asleep.


      Soldier, stand before Him and give Him the situation and rejoice in Him.  Though painful. Not about the awful problem, but because He is who He is.


     And tell Him.  Aloud.

What is Real:

     What is the Bottom Line?


     We are here to make decisions.  Decisions that determine eternity.


     Soldier of The Cross, as you get older, it gets harder to  be available for the adventure of faith.  Are you going to settle in with the habits that are comfortable, or, are you available for whatever He wants?


     Are you a living sacrifice, or are you not?


     So, may He have your children?  Do you trust Him?
     May He  guide you in your marriage, or must you ask for change according to sight and your limited experience and learning?
     Can you tell him He is in control of the finances?
     How about the serious misunderstanding?

     What about your past?  Is there any reason you can't give it to Him?


     Soldier of The Cross,  when you stand before Him and declare these matters aloud, there are no exceptions.  It is about His Word.  His Will.  His Way.


     Nothing else. No one else. 


     Give it up to Him and do it aloud.








     God's Word is more real than the way that you feel:


     You are a Soldier of The Cross.  What does that mean?    It means you have made the commitment to agree with God, no matter what that means.


     He has made Himself clear in His Word, and He asks that you walk by faith in what He has said, rather than depending on anything you see or hear or feel.


     This is a Place where few live.  It is a Place of obedience and is described as Sabbath Rest in  in Hebrews chapter 4.


     In my experience, when this is brought up, most believers immediately get defensive and start to make a case for the value of feelings.


     First, make a case for God's Word.  Get the verses and come before Him. State aloud that you will agree with Him, no matter what the cost.  No matter what the feeling.  No matter what others think.


     After that, I seriously doubt if you will tell him about the importance of your feelings.


     Soldier, you have one life to invest in eternity.   Will you spend  the time trying to put out the fires of your emotions, or will you trust Him and make choices that agree with Him?


     No one is saying it feels good all the time.  Nonetheless, there is a supernatural assurance available for the one who positions himself and throws himself at the feet of the One who gave Himself as a ransom for many.


     Tell Him today.  Aloud.

About Him:

     There is a significant difference between Christian intensity and the pursuit of God.


       Christian intensity is easy to find.  There are many who get stoked up by a gifted speaker or by Christian fireworks.


        For the Soldier of The Cross, the issue is taking up The Cross and following hard after Him.  That means the death of the flesh. It means being willing to live a life going through uncharted waters while following The One who is The Way.


       When a Believer goes after God, there is a fire in the heart that burns blue hot, even when that Soldier feels numb.  A decision has been made; the decision to follow Him.


        The one who pursues the Lord looks at Him during the hardest times.
         The one who pursues the Lord looks at Him when nothing makes sense.
        The one who pursues the Lord looks at Him when there is abundance.
        The one who pursues the Lord looks at Him when the doors all seem closed.


         We all need to listed to the Spoken Word by gifted men and women.  We all need times of corporate worship and communion.   Nothing cheapens those needs.


         The real issue is never feeling.  Or how high the Christian meter goes. 
         The issue is following Him, no matter what,  No matter where.  No matter when.


       Tell Him today.  Aloud.





      There is  nothing new.


      At the same time, all things are new.


      Soldier,  you are in unchartered territory and Faith is the only  option.  You are here because of Prayer.  Didn't you tell Him you would be available?  Did you mean it?


      So, what about walking by Faith as opposed to waling by Sight?  The bottom line is, whether or not you believe He is your God.


       Oh, Soldier!


      Whose are you?


      Look up and move on!


     Soldier of The Cross, He will not explain it to you.


     That is what Faith is about.


     His Way is above our understanding.  That means He is not responsible to make you understand His reasons or His methods.


     After all, if you have to know why, doesn't that mean you need to approve God's thinking  and reasons?


     Soldier, what does it mean to be a Living Sacrifice?  Does the Sacrifice lay on the alter and read off a list of objections?


     Come before Him and agree with Him.  Aloud.  If there are issues, He can handle it. 

     Tell Him.
     Aloud.  Today.

Enjoying Him:

     There is only  one way to know Him - Faith.


     The Frontier of Faith is made available to the Soldier of The Cross because of prayer.  Prayer gives vision to the things sought by faith.


     Soldier of The Cross, remember, you are not your own.  It is easy to forget when there are decisions to be made, responsibilities to be delegated and bills to be paid.  Diapers to be changed.


    You were Bought With a Price, and there is no walking away from that.  Love woos you to Itself, and your prayer life allows you to walk in the Light.


     There is no experience of the Lord apart from faith.  All the Christian activities and services will not satisfy the nucleus of the   spirit that was made to be indwelled by the Spirit of God.


     Find those who want Him.
     Find those who will do anything to be with Him.
     Find those who recognize Him.
     Find those who have left much behind to follow Him.


     Then, you will have fellowship with Him.  He will come in and sup with you.


     Tell Him.  today.




     The Believer's Joy is always experienced during something that should be squelching it.


     Real joy is supernatural.  It doesn't mean feeling delighted or even pleased.  It is a response to reality.


     Soldier of The Cross, you are a Pilgrim and a Sojourner and you must not forget it.  You eyes must be on Him, your goal must be to be changed, and your prayer life must deal with circumstances according to God's Word.


     Although we know He cares about each detail, we must learn to walk through the flood and the fire while leaning on The Everlasting Arms.  Faith releases the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus.  When Jesus is revealed, the Glory is greater than the situation.


     Soldier, this is a matter of pre-determining  to whom you will look when the storm hits.   


     You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit.
     For goodness sake, you have prayer and,  pray aloud in the language of your heart.
     You have the Word of God  - true or not?


    Tell Him.  Today



     Recommended reading:  Amy Carmichael "Rose from Briar".

The Bottom Line:

     Soon you will be standing before Him.


    Your life will be displayed in complete transparency, and you will be accountable.  You'll also be a recipient of staggering Grace.


     The bottom line is submission.


     You were created to walk by faith and by no other path.    Oh, Soldier.  Please learn to pray accordingly.


     He is so attentive.  He listens and He responds. Do you have any idea how important you are to Him?


     You have the tremendous protection of the Faith Walk. 


     Stand before Him.  Tell Him you want this,. Let Him know you want to be changed.  Until you are no longer breathing.


     Is there anything else? Let Him release you to Love the Brethren.  Oh, Soldier of The Cross, submit to the surgical knife of The Lover of Your Soul.


     Tell Him aloud.