The Now:

     It does not need to be resolved right now.


     Soldier of The Cross, part of serving the Lord is realizing there will be misunderstanding and false accusation.    There are no exceptions.


     He was secure.  He said whatever was needed, and remember?  "He opened not His mouth" (Isaiah 53).


     Why does it have to be fixed right now?  Because it feels like an emergency.  Is it easily resolved?    No.   There is a campaign against the work of the Lord, and He is fully aware of it.


     It is the flesh that is insecure and  insists on beating and beating the issue into resolution.  The problem is, most of the time,  there is no immediate resolution.

     The issue is, does He know what is happening?
     Can He be trusted?
     Are you willing to wait for Him while the misunderstanding continues?


     Tell Him.  today, and tell Him aloud.

Not fun:

     When you step across The Line and decide to take up The Cross and follow Him, you must understand some things:


     There is going to be misunderstanding that will not resolve in this life.
     There is going to be false accusation.
     There is going to be deliberate undermining.


     We have an enemy who is never inactive.    Remember, you are being watched by all of the hosts of heaven as well as the fallen.


     Soldier of The Cross, you must often look ahead, moving forward knowing He will lead through the wilderness.   There are times to take action, and there are times to absolutely refuse to respond. Then, you must move forward.   


     It is the flesh that always wants to give the other party what they deserve.  Soldier, you do not know what the other party deserves.  That is for Him. 


     It is the flesh that always has to be vindicated.


     Should you defend yourself?  Perhaps, and perhaps not.  Be in prayer.  We learn in these situations.


     Remember, "He opened not His mouth . . . "


     Stand before Him, lay it out to Him, and make sure it is aloud.


The Wilderness:

      Remember this little chorus?

             My Lord knows the way thru the wilderness -
           All I have to do is follow.
           Strength for today is mine all the way,
           And all I need for tomorrow;
           My Lord knows the way thru the wilderness -
           All I have to do is follow.


     He never intended that we should figure it out, in order to proceed without Him.  We are being prepared for Eternity. 


     Age tends to defy following Him through the wilderness.   As the body weakens, the unseen flesh struggles for control, often in the form of rejecting change or shying away from new responsibilities.


     In this life, there will  not be a day during which we will not need to follow. 


     Release your concept of what it means to follow, and allow the Indwelling Holy Spirit to lead you into the frontier of faith.


     Tell Him today.  Aloud




Yes I Can:

     Yes, I can thank Him in the middle of the worst of it.


     I don't have to feel relief from the situation.  It is about agreeing with Him no matter what.  I can go to Him and thank Him because I trust Him and know He would not allow anything other than preparation for heaven.


     I will stand before Him and agree with Him that this world is not my home.
     I will agree that these people are His and not mine. 
     I will agree that He makes jewels out of ashes.
     I will agree that He has never made a mistake.
     I will agree that He may always do anything He wills with my life.


     Yes, I will submit to the surgical knife of the Lover of My Soul.

Keeping On:

     Zeal is not always a feeling.


     We tend to think of zeal as an energy level, stimulated by a goal.  A zealot is simply someone who will not give up, and continues on.  A zealot is unstoppable because of a vision of what can be, or should be, or must be.


     A Soldier of The Cross is one who has made the decision to be a Living Sacrifice.  That means he or she has clearly seen this world is not our home.  We keep moving because we serve One who is building a Place for us, and because a supernatural transformation has taken place in us and is still taking place. 


     For The Soldier of The Cross, zeal is the result of a private prayer life that daily yields all to Him.  Zeal is the result of dying to Self, so there can be room for the Holy Spirit to motivate us and reveal Jesus.


     Zeal doesn't mean having to have thousands of people in church.  Zeal can be the unpaid servant who cleans up after each meeting, who always calls on the sick,  or who quietly prays about folks' troubles instead of talking about them.


     Zeal means often doing what you don't feel like doing.


     Ask Him to reveal this to you.


     Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.   Don't look down.

Room For Him:

     The famous "knock on the door of your heart" verse that is so often used in evangelistic campaigns,  is actually written to Believers.


     "Behold, I stand at the door [of the church] and continually knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him (restore him), and he with Me."
         Revelation 3:20  (Amplified)


     What a stunning promise.  How do you open the door?

     In prayer.


     How does He "eat" with me?  The King James says "sup" and it is a beautiful wording.    We chose to eat with those we favor, and it is a time of getting to know the other.


     Soldier, this is one of the greatestl promises in the Word.


     Tell Him you are opening the door and want to eat with Him.    You want to be with Him and want to hear all He has to say and want to receive all He has to give. 


     You were created for this.  He who created you and named you, has extended an offer of intimacy.


     Accept.  Do it in prayer and do it aloud. 

You Blew It:

     What you are trying to do is, go back in your thoughts and relive the seconds or minutes or hours.


     Exactly what the enemy wants.  He will project that situation on the screen of your mind as often as you will let him.  Your mind whirls with fantasy reruns of all of the things you could have done or said.  Should have done or said.  And all the ways the other party or parties are thinking about it and what they will do.


     Most of us are not aware our worrisome or guilty thoughts of moments gone by, constitute spiritual quicksand.  In fact, often our thoughts have us to the extent we are captives of the negativity, completely unaware we can discipline the thought life.


           We are destroying sophisticated arguments and every exalted and        proud thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought and purpose captive to the obedience of Christ . . .
II Corinthians 10:5 (Amplified Bible)


     You can't go back and change anything.  You can address it in prayer and ask the Lord to teach you what  you should learn, thank Him for being Sovereign over everything, and live in the Now.


     You can do this because it is commanded in His Word.  Often we must go to Him over and over, asking for release while standing before The Throne.  We must acknowledge He could have prevented it, had that been the Plan.


     He totally gets it.  He was there.


     Soldier of The Cross, look up and move on!



     You are not the first weary Soldier.   We must all be reminded that we are Pilgrims and Sojourners through this Weary Land.


     Please be reminded we are being prepared to be with him.


     Do you have any excuses for doubts?  What are they and where is there a verse to back you up?

     Do you have any excuses for anger?  What are they and where is there a verse to back you up?

     Do you have any excuses for unforgiveness?  What are they and where is there a verse to back you up?

     Do you have any excuses for resentment?  What are they and where is there a verse to back you up?

     Do you have any excuses for wound-licking?  What are they and where is there a verse to back you up?


     Soldier of The Cross,  because there is nothing else, and because there is
no one else, take a moment.  No one would deny your pain or sorrow.  But, you are not helpless.   You have been promised, and He has never messed it up.


     Come before Him.  See Him on his Throne with the Scepter.   He can do anything.  He will do anything.    Lay it all before Him and do it aloud if you possibly can.


     He shed His Blood for your freedom and release.

He/She Needs to Change:

     The first issue is, are you or are you not a Soldier of The Cross?  In other words, may He do anything with your life, or are you going to hold in reserve the places you know better than He?


     You say there are no critical issues, but there is the small matter of the need for the other to change.


     First of all, it is not your business.  There is only one who supernaturally transforms, and it is certainly not you.  This is crippling your spiritual life.  One of the enemy's favorite things is to seduce us into fantasizing of ways to help the other to change.  We can think of all sorts of ways.  Then the mind spins and gyrates with a subconscious attempt to be God.


     Soldier of The Cross,  leave the other party in your dust.   Men in particular are influenced by example.  Continue in the pursuit of God, and give the Lord room to do what He needs to do with the other guy.   You have been hair spraying both of you by your imaginings of how to change the other person.


     The stopping has to happen in prayer, because it has become an automatic habit upon the regular assumption,  that you are able to see and process the faults of the other. 


     Apart from deliberate sin, could there be anything more paralyzing for both of you?


    Take it to Him, and do it aloud.


     Soldier, look up and move on!


     Power is not a feeling.


     Real power is a River of Living Water, gushing from the center of the Soldier of The Cross who is learning to be a Living Sacrifice.  Apart from this taking up of The Cross there can be no power.  It is His Life being revealed rather than our concept of feeling effective.


     Many confuse strong ability with power.  They are not the same.  The only strong ability that reveals power, is the ability to obey Him. We need His strength in our weakness- not our strength because of our weakness.


     Soldier,  the burden must be put down.  It happens when there is yielded prayer - prayer that pleads for transformation, regardless of the cost.  There must be  deliberate prayer concerning learning to recognize Him.  To be changed.  To be like Him.


     Have you ever been around someone who is willing to lay his life down for the Brethren?  To be misunderstood, to be passed up?  Someone who has learned not to pout or whine?  Not to be a respecter of persons?


     Soldier, you have permission  to seek the Lover of Your Soul, in Whom is all power.   You have complete access because of His Blood on the door post of your heart.


     That is Power.