The Everlasting Arms:

   You have one who is watching over you keenly.    He is aware of even a flickering thought in your mind.  He is aware of each tiny pain.  He knows how many hairs are on your head and he has collected your tears.    He wants you to know that underneath you are The Everlasting Arms.    If the above is true, why do you worry?  Is it actually possible to leave your burden with the Lord, or is it   a frivolous request?    Soldier of the Cross, it is  not a request.  We are commanded to leave anxiety behind once and for all.  Certainly, this is not something the flesh can do.  It is supernatural and is done b y faith - because He said so.    He will never go away.  He will never let you down.  He will never weaken.    You are always held by the Everlasting Arms.

On Asking Why:

   Do you need to know why?    Something has happened to you and it is either unfair or something that causes grief.  You are asking the Lord why.    Why are you doing that?  Didn't you tell Him you would be a Living Sacrifice?     Does He make mistakes?    If He told you why, do you think you would have the capacity to understand?  What if you did not agree with His reason ?    Soldier of The Cross,  we move forward according to the Word of God, by faith.    We bring our needs and requests to Him by faith.    We love and serve the Body of Christ by faith.    We allow Him to lead us in every area of life and we submit to Him in every area of life, by faith.    Why then should we question Him when it seems that something has gotten by Him?    Has it?

His Love:

So few are able to grasp that He completely Loves His Own. The Lord told Hosea to do something that brought him disgrace and, no doubt, heartache. Yet, it was for his best. How do we know this? Because He has said so. Soldier of The Cross, have you told the Lord that He can order your day? Your life? Your thoughts? Your finances? Your family? Your reputation? Your body? Your ambitions? What about your possessions? We all have places that are held behind closed doors, or clenched in tight fists. He is in the business of preparing us for heaven. He loves us enough to bring about the things that will reveal Himself and that will bring about the glorious changes in His Own. Soldier, why resist? Is there something better? Can you find another truth? Is there another who will answer when you call? Of course not. There is only One. One who gave His Life as a ransom for many. Take these things before Him today and speak with Him about it. Aloud.

No Ruts:

The Lord will always make sure that His Own do not get stuck in a rut. He cares to much for us. He is shaping us. Preparing us. Drawing us to Himself instead of just letting us fade away into the gravity of this life. Soldier of The Cross, there is much work to do. There are many who are hungry, lonely, grieving, ill, imprisoned, and most are lost. There is always something in the personal life that demands attention, yet often it cannot change with the attention it demands. Leave it with the Lord and move to the next person who needs ministry. Determine to spend the remaining days revealing Jesus.


Matthew 7:1 Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and and criticized and condemned yourselves. . ." Soldier of The Cross, there is a significant difference between judging others and recognizing wrong doing. As far as you are concerned, if you see something that another is doing that is out of line with the word of God, the first thing you must do is take it to the Lord. If you are not in authority in the local assembly, watch your tongue, because the matter is not your business and it is not up to you to fix or correct others. If you are asked, that may be another matter, but perhaps not. Many are quick to speak, but few are in spiritual authority. God's Word makes clear the process by which correction should be delivered, and there are no exceptions, unless you are specifically asked. Even then, caution and prayer must be in the front. Live your own life and mind your own business. If you are to correct another, it will be with a church authority, and it will be according to the Word of God. Make knowing Him your goal.

Clean Hands, Held High:

You must expect the Lord. In order to be ready, you must have hands that are ready to receive whatever He has for you. You must also be clean before Him. While unhealthy self-examination is never good or fruitful, it is essential to be available to the scrutiny and correction of the Holy Spirit. We are told to hold up clean hands. It is not hard. All He asks is availability. Nothing is done by those who stare at themselves all the time. Much is done by those who just pick up and run after Him.

The Cup Tipped Over:

Amy Carmichael said that then the cup is tipped over, what is really inside spills out. And, it happens to us all. When you are tipped over, what comes out? Resentment? Self-defense? Tale-bearing? Wound-licking? Anger? Soldier of The Cross, you must be clean on the inside. You must be present before Him regularly, for the purpose of His deepest cleansing. You must trust Him enough to be eager for what ever He shows you. How changeable are you? Are you truly available? Soldier, this life is but a fleeting moment. His desire is to bless you and to love you for all eternity. He is preparing you for heaven. Submit

Zeal is Not a Feeling:

   Zeal is the result of being touched by God, acknowledging it, accepting Truth and responding to the Vision of the Work that He reveals.    I have heard people pray for zeal.  Most of the time, they are praying for a feeling of abundant energy to do this or that.  Actually, on occasion, the one making the request is expecting a physical inclination to do perform Christian service.      There are those who think that zeal is an emotion that inclines one to God's work in the same way that human love compels people to look better.  Human love often channels the mind into a narrow thought pattern about the object of that love.     Zeal is not a feeling.  Zeal is the result of obedience.    We are told to be zealous and actually, we are so commanded. Therefore, we may not wait for a feeling or for some kind of visitation.  We simply agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.    Corrie Ten Boom tells of visiting a woman who was a translator.  The woman had multiple sclerosis and was eagerly and devotedly translating one of Corrie's books. The woman's husband had her propped up with pillows so that she could work - with one finger.  Corrie was able to witness the setup the day before the woman died.  That woman was a zealous soldier, even though she could only lift one finger, and that not without assistance.  She agreed with God.    Work for the night is coming.    The Apostle Paul had been deserted by most, was in coupling chains, had been badly beaten, had serious eye problems and knew he would die soon.  He wrote to the churches with unction and faithfulness, sometimes using a scribe.  He agreed with God.    Work for the night is coming.    Soldier of The Cross, are you in prison?   Are you ill?  Do you have a body that will not respond to your command?  Have you been deserted or defamed?  Has there been a recent financial disaster?  Is your young teenager about to be a parent?  Has your  face been scarred?    He knows all about these things and He has still told you that you must be about the Father's business.  Agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.     Holy Spirit zeal is that thought that nags because someone needs a call.  Someone needs a letter.  You should look someone in the eye and love him or her.  Someone needs to have you go to their apartment and ride with them on the subway. You know you should visit someone who is ill or dying.   Something stands in the way of your service, and you come before Him and hand it over.  Agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.    It is not religion nor is is emotion.    It is agreeing with God.    Work for the night is coming.

Am I A Soldier Of The Cross:

   What is the value of your life today?    It is measured by the level of your submission to the Lover of Your Soul.    Soldier, there are daily  grinds. There are hourly decisions.  There are weekly crises And, all along, you are required to live b y faith and not by sight.  The issue is, are you willing, and if not, why not?  It Is it because you do not consider that He able?      Consider with me now.  What is is that He is not able to do?  Is He able to lead?  Is He able to provide?  Is He able to reveal the truth?  Is He able to reveal Truth?     If you have an issue with Him you must absolutely know what it is.  If not, hand him the reigns.    Do it in prayer and do it aloud.  There is absolutely no one else and there is no where else.

Jesus Never Fails:

   There is not a chance that anyone or anything can defeat the Lord.    There is no manipulation, no untruth, no exaggeration nor is there any fantasy that can influence God.  There are those who will make every effort to compete against Him, but it will come to nothing.    Soldier of The Cross, you must continue in the thing the Lord has put before you.  Are you saying you do not know what that is?  You are mistaken.     He has told you to attend to the Body of Christ.    He has told you to feed the hungry.    He has told you to visit the prisoner and the otherwise confined.    He has told you to be about His Father's business.    He has told you to be in prayer at all times for all men everywhere.    He has told you to be in the Word.    He has told you to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.    You have much to do. Your life is important and your day can change eternity for all those with whom you come in contact.      Resist depression.  Sing the songs.  Say the verses aloud.  Call someone and encourage him or her.  Write to a Christian prisoner somewhere.  Send a check to a missionary you know.    No wound-licking.  No self examination without the Holy Spirit. Look at others.  Attend to others.  There is so much to do, if you took it all on, you would never finish.    Soldier, in the morning. go to Him who holds the stars in place.  He has a plan for your day, and in that Plan, there is freedom, life and His Presence.