Love vs Flesh

Love gives the thing needed, not necessarily the thing wanted.

God has certainly done that for us. The flesh craves control but He has asked for yieldedness.

The flesh loves to find fault with others, but we are asked to be ministers of Grace.

The flesh longs for comfort and security, yet we are asked to attend to the needs of others first.

He gave His life when all we wanted was to be left alone.

The Indwelling Holy Spirit lives in you. Allow Him to do what is needed in the lives of others.


Is there anything held back?

Have you determined you will serve The Lord?

Stand before Him and tell Him He can have your life. Tell Him aloud.

Most Christians have a secret door that remains unopened and in the clutch of secrecy. If you would serve the King, you may not keep the door closed.

Is there a secret you are afraid will be revealed? Soldier, have no fear. Eternity will reveal all.

Move on. Leave the baggage behind.

Nothing like Prayer

Soldier, the battle is fought and won by prayer.

Fools attempt to strengthen legs and multiply horses. Those who are His, wait for the marching in the tops of the mulberry trees.

Often, the problem is physical. There is as discipline that must go beyond the body's natural cooperation with prayer. Do you sit? Stand? Kneel? Choose the position in which the Lord is the most present.

I love to stand. Sometimes I pace a little. During prayer (always aloud) I am aware that He is listening. In my mind, He is on the Throne. Listening attentively. I choose my words carefully, for I know that the prayer time is before the Judge of all.

There is no power to compare with His.

There is nothing like prayer.

Stand before Him. State the truth according to His Word. Then, wait or move, as He indicates.

Bottom Line

Soldier, when you understand that hell stands against you, you will see that you must press into your Calling.

What does that mean?

You are called to reveal Jesus. You are called to leave Self behind. You are called to be a Living Sacrifice. You are called to put your weight down on God's Word.

Are you available? Will you pay the Price?

What is Truth? What is your bottom line?

There is nothing else. There is nowhere else. There is No one else.

Soldier, advance. Serve the King!

He is Coming Soon

You do not have many days left.

In fact, you may not have any days left. God's Word tells us that He is coming soon, and that we are to live out our minutes and hours in that truth.

Watch your mouth. Make sure you do not speak against other believers. Honor the Lord. Tell the truth.

Pray. Live as though each moment were your last.

He is Still Able

Faith does not consider anything to be impossible.

God is able to redeem the thing that was long ago beyond help. He is still able to feed thousands by using only what is available - far too little.

Soldier of The Cross, remember, you must not pray according to what you know to be possible. You must pray according to the word of God.

Move forward. Trust Him to bring down walls, restore ancient cities and revive the land.

Love the one in front of you.

Make the Choice

Redouble your efforts.

Make the choice over again. Stand before Him and agree with Him. Take Him at His Word and let him know the specific promises you are claiming.

Soldier of The Cross, He said you could not be His Disciple unless you take up the Cross Daily, and follow Him.

Do it. By faith. Put your body and your faculties on the line - serve the King.

Because He Is

Soldier of The Cross, Because He is, everything is different than it looks.

Because He is, you have the assurance of His intervention and blessing.

Because He is, you can be assured prayer is effective.

Because He is, obedience to His Word makes room for the Holy Spirit in your being.

Because He is, you can trust Him to lead you.

Because He is, Grace abounds.

You can stand on the Rock of Ages. You can be protected, as He is your Fortress and High Tower. You can drink from the still waters. You have the Hope of Eternity. You have the Light of His Word.

There is not one casual moment in being His - but there is Peace, Security and Rest.

Because He is, press into serving Him with all you are and with all you have.

Praising the Lord

My favorite thing about the Lord Jesus is, He gave His Life as a Ransom for many.

Not one deserved it. Or wanted it before seeing Him.

I am completely won by the One who never turned anyone away. He listened attentively, even to those who were going to nail Him to the Cross. He answered, even when there were no ears to hear. He refused to answer when there was no divine purpose.

He gave Himself.

Soldier of The Cross, what is your favorite thing about the Lord? Have you ever told Him?

Tel Him today. Tell Him aloud.


Availability and Obedience

There is nothing limiting you except your own availability.

The Lord can take anything or nothing and get the same result - He only requires availability and obedience.

Many have served Him effectively in difficult conditions - prison, physical handicap, exile and many other situations.

Hudson Taylor was bedridden and on his back for two years. He was able to do nothing for himself, and asked for a map of the world to be put on the ceiling. For the two years of his illness, he prayed for the different countries of the world.

Amy Carmichael was so limited in motion that she could not turn herself over. She was bedridden and totally dependent on others for 20 years. Yet, the Lord spoke through the pain and the isolation in a way that has touched and changed many lives.

You are no less.

Look up. Move on.