About Finding Relief:

     When you agree with God about a matter, He will bring you a reinforcing reassurance and further revelation on the submitted matter.

     For example, if you make the choice to tell Him you will be content instead of yearning, straining and complaining, He will tell you that if there is something you don't have now, it is something you do not need now ( A friend reminded me of that of that yesterday.)

     He is eager to lead those who are eager to follow.

     Is it attractive to you to take up The Cross and follow Him?  That means the death of the flesh and the pursuit of God.

     You are not on your own.  Remember you have the Indwelling Holy Spirit.

     You are an adopted Son.  You are of the Royal Race.

     You are being watched by all of the unseen.  

     Do the next thing.  Govern your thoughts.  Regulate your countenance.  

     Make sure you are afresh in The Word.

     And make sure to tell Him you will agree with Him.  Aloud.



Living Sacrifice:


     The issue is, is it your life, or have you told Him He can fully have you?  And, have you told Him today? 

     I once heard Elisabeth Elliot talk about Christians who are of "Muscular Christianity and Radiant Godliness".    How beautiful that sounds.  

     Those qualities are the result of day by day, hour by hour agreement with God. 
     His Word over our reactions
     His Word over our observations.
     His Word over what the other guy deserves.
     His word over emergencies.
     His Word over failure.
     His Word over rejection.
     His Word over exhaustion.
     His Word over money problems.

     Soldier of The Cross, it is about the taking up of the Cross and following hard after Him.  The death of the flesh and the pursuit of God.

     Tell Him. Today.



Your Impact:

     Soldier of The Cross, you can't begin to imagine the influence you have on others.

     Some of the most remarkable stories of Christian heroes are those about people falsely accused, people with chronic pain, some suffering unspeakable grief, and others who simply plodded on, glowing from His Presence.

     Apart from sin, there is no situation that limits the Holy Spirit.  

     It is a mistake to need to feel strong.   As soon as we think we are strong, we tend to ignore the need to be completely dependent on Him.

     You have far more control over your attitude than you think.  
     You can learn to adjust your countenance.
     You can learn to govern your thoughts.
     It is critical to stop complaining.
     If you can't remember this morning's verse, have it written on a card and haul it around with you.

     No matter what your calling is, you are in full-time Christian service, and never forget it.

    Tell Him today- aloud.



More than the Feeling:

     Most things in life that are of value do not come to us because we feel like doing or getting them.

     I never feel like practicing my bassoon.  I never feel like having a quiet time.  I never feel like working on a brief., and I never, ever feel like exercising.   But I do these things because they need to be done and because I value them and have set them as priorities.
     I feel like eating.  Or knitting.  Or sitting with friends and talking.  Resting.  Reading a book.

     Memorizing verses has never been easy.  But all of the things of value listed involve a physical discipline that is the result of setting priorities.

     The Soldier of The Cross must set principles for life and you must live by them.  This cannot be done without directed and affirmative prayer.  

     Soldier, you are preparing and being prepared for Eternity.

     Trouble with discipline?  Are you attracted to living a life that looks forward to Eternity?

     Tell Him today.

     Then do the next chore with all you are.

This World Is Not My Home:

     Some of the most widely accepted truths seem to get sifted out of daily life.

     For the Soldier of The Cross, Eternity is more real than Time.

     Investment in Time come in forms that ambush us: 

        Desperately wanting someone else to change;
        Focusing on finding a solution instead of  telling the Lord His time and His Way are best;
        Trying to fix yourself;
        Longing for affirmation the approval of others;
        Setting goals for other people (including our children).

     The list is endless.  While comfortable circumstances are just that- comfortable, we are asked to take up the Cross and follow Him with consistency.  When we agree with God, the Indwelling Holy Spirit gives perspective, and that means we see that burdens are to be given to him rather than set down and enshrined.

     Soldier, it is one day at a time. One hour at a time.  In obedience.  With His agenda as priority.  When this happens, there is a flow of Love that is Heaven's own richness.

     We are to look away unto Him.  Only then are we available to receive the wisdom needed to deal with this life.

     Tell Him you will agree with Him.  Tell Him you will take up The Cross and follow Him, and always ask Him to continue teaching you what that means.  

     Tell Him aloud.  Today.


Because He is:

     Soldier, his reality changes everything.  

     It means everything is as He says, not as it appears.
     It means waiting is worth it.
     It means you have no sight or hearing apart from the Word of God.
     It also means his discipline is beautiful and much needed.

     There must be a pressing into the pursuit of God.  It should be vigorous and should not rely on feeling or a need to feel successful or spiritual.

     One obedient foot in front of the other.  There is nothing else.

     Because, He is real

     Tell Him today.  Aloud



Your Preferences:


      Soldier of The Cross, serving the Lord is not about your preferences.

     The music is not what you like?
     The pastor paces too much?
     The order of the service is not what you would like?
     You don't get enough attention?

     Are you a Living Sacrifice or are you not? Laying down your life for the Brethren means letting go of the things that get under your skin. It means being willing to dig in to service and ministry without having a check list. It means Obedience.

     Far too many Christians church shop or move to another church because of an offense or because there is something that doesn't make the list.

     Obviously, you can't support heresy. But you can support imperfection, and the issue is, none of us knows what that is in a church in this life.

     Soldier, minister.

     It is not about how you are treated, and it is not about what you prefer. It is about taking it all to Him in prayer and being willing to be used, no matter what.

     Put your anchor down in the church where God has led you, and serve with all your might.

     Tell Him you will do this. Tell Him aloud.


His Leading:

     If there were no jolting surprises or puzzling life mazes, we would not need to be led. 

     But we do need to be led, and that means we must come before Him and agree with Him that our choices must be about obedience and not about security.   Those who chose according to security lose sensitivity to the leading of the Indwelling Holy Spirit because their choices are guided by self-interest.

     Soldier, this life is to be lived until the last breath is taken, and until we move on to the next life.  That means that every second is about choice. There is no time to be wound-licking or insuring against any leap of faith.

     Let Him know you are available, and do it aloud.  
     There is nothing else.
     There is no one else.

Other Christians:

     You are to lay down your life for the Brethren (I John 3:16).     

     That does not mean you are to be a bloody doormat.  It means that you are to not allowed to retaliate and talk about it as most do.  It means you can't keep score.  It means you must acknowledge He is in control, He knows all about it, and He will do what needs to be done at the right time.  Not on your time.

     Soldier of The Cross, once you have decided to take up The Cross and follow Him, your deepest wounds will be inflicted by other Christians.

     When you understand this, you can recognize it and move on.  The critical issue is, do not be distracted by someone else's bad behavior, even when it is devastating.  God's Word is a salve in these situations.

     Tell Him you are willing to obey, and tell Him aloud.  Then move on and do the thing right before you.

     Soldier, time is short.

     Tell Him aloud, and move on!

The Thing Before You:

     If you have been spending time with the Lord, you know what it is that you are called to do.

     In the meantime, you may not know how or where or when. And of course, no one is impervious from discouragement.

     Soldier, you have one life to live, and if your thoughts were not critical, there would not be so many Bible verses about them. You must govern your thoughts. (II Corinthians 10:5)

     The best way to do this is to deal with it in prayer and then plow into the next thing that needs to be done. Sing. Say verses. Make lists if what you love about the Lord, but move into the small thing that feels so heavy and unimportant.

     One step at a time.

     We were never intended to float through life. We were created to be dependent on Him. That only happens when there is a decision about what seems to be small,  as well as what seems to be critical.

     You must tell Him you want to be obedient in the lesser tasks that lie before you, so that your mind is not swimming through the quicksand of anxiety about how, when and where.

     Tell Him.
      Aloud. Today.