Move The Focus:

     Soldier of The Cross, this is not about you.

     Take it to Him in the reality of the situation. It is not about what is being said and and is not about what is being manipulated.

     Kneel in prayer and let Him have it.
     Do it aloud.  Now.  Let it go, aloud.






     Soldier, if you don't know what to do, do nothing.

     He has promised to lead and if there is  no direction, stand still.

     He will lead and He will not be late.

      Tell Him you trust Him and tell him aloud.

Risk or No Risk:

     Faith is not a risk, but it certainly feels like it to the flesh.

     Faith means taking Him at His Word, and moving when He says to move, no matter how things look.
     Faith means agreeing with God that He can and will do the impossible.
     Faith means giving up concepts of what will work and what won't.

     Oh, Soldier.  Please. please make yourself available to all that He can do.  It doesn't take some kind of super-duper feeling of empowerment.  It just takes agreement with God and submission in prayer.  We are so often limited by our concepts of what can be and how it can come about.

     We are being led by Him.  He goes before, and you must not forget this.

     Tell Him and tell Him aloud.
     Then look up and move on.

No Guts, No Glory:

     You have decided to follow Him no matter what.

     This means you will see the Glory of God in a way that many do not experience.  Because you have determined to have a consistent prayer life, you are able to recognize Him.

     So, Soldier, this also means that you have the backbone to choose what is right and good in the face of mockery, taunting, and defiance.  You must  not make choices for the immediate result, but you must choose what is right according to God's Word.  This applies to colleagues, spouses and children, as well as to outright enemies.

     The one who is already defeated would love to intimidate you as much as possible.  And he wants you to crave approval.

     Take up The Cross and walk in The Light.
     This happens in prayer. Do it now and do it aloud.

The Next Thing:

     Soldier of The Cross, do the next thing with all of your attention and might.

     There is pain.  There is devastation.  There is death.

     So Soldier, your job is not to deal with the whole thing.  Your job is to do the next thing.


     And, take it to Him aloud, so that you have the assurance of being able to rest in The Everlasting Arms.

     Do this aloud,  He will lead you in your words.


Never Alone:

     There is a long-standing definition of integrity;  the good choices you make when no one is watching.

     For the Believer, it goes far beyond that.  God's Word lets us know that all unseen powers are watching us, both holy and unholy.

     We re not performing, we are simply obeying.  But nothing goes undetected. 

     We walk in the Light, and I believe that light often radiates to the extent that there is privacy between the believer and God -for example in prayer. 

     Nonetheless, we are sojourners and pilgrims, moving toward our Eternal Home, and we are always being carefully watched.

     Go to Him with abandon and do it aloud.  Although all can see you are praying, He protects His privacy with His Own.

The Fix:

     There is not one word in the Bible that promises the avoidance of heartache.

     He has promised healing and restoration, neither of which fits any formula.

     You are a Soldier of The Cross.  This means you have committed to submit to him and He may do anything He wills with your life.  In fact, you tell Him that daily.  But this doesn't mean you are safe from pain, seeming failure, betrayal or slander.

     It means that underneath are The Everlasting Arms.
     It means that  it will all be made clear in the end
     It means that he can sweeten the pain, and He does that when you come to Him in prayer and pray about the matter according to His Word.

     And it means you submit to him in all things so that He is free to prepare you for eternity.

     For you, Eternity started the day you were born.

    Take it to Him.  Aloud.
     Then, look up and move on!


Blast From the Past:

     The enemy loves to remind you of the past.  When he does, he flashes before you images of events that are often remembered by no one but you.

      Reflecting the public or private miseries of the past is equal to putting up a sail to catch the winds of defeat.  What can possibly be gained?  If during prayer, the Lord brings to mind something that should be brought to Him for repentance,  that is different.

     We are being prepared for Eternity.  We are to be forward-looking.

     Take the matter to Him, and do it aloud.
     Then, look up and move on!


     How did you ever get here?

     You prayed about it. You followed the Lord, you have done and are doing your best, and yet things appear to be getting worse.  In fact, it cannot continue this way. 

     All around you there are monuments to your commitment.  People.  Investment.  Children, especially.  What can you do?   You are offering up desperate prayer all the time.

     There is deliverance.  Stop letting your mind whirl round and round about the situation and treat it as though you had only a few hours to live.  Do the next thing before you with vigor and trust.  Let Him have room to make something out of nothing.  Let Him have room to do the impossible. 

     His solution and deliverance is something not possible to imagine.  So, stop trying to imagine it.  You will find a soothing peace and a confidence in His attention to the situation.

    Leave it with him, and do it aloud.  Even if it is every hour. 
    Do it and make sure it is aloud.


     There must be a vision for service.

     There are so many stories of those who have had crippling handicaps, yet served to the last breath.

     Soldier of The Cross, what about you?  Is your life about you, or is it about taking up The Cross daily and following Him?   We all need to be reminded of the basics all the time.  The reality is,  this world is not your home.

     Clean up your thought life by prayer.
     Clean  up your mouth by prayer.
     Clean up your private habits by prayer.
     Clean up your schedule by prayer.

     Soldier, everything in your life must be brought before Him.  How else can you be transformed?   He will never force Himself on you.  He is always knocking at the door of your heart.  What does it mean to have Him come in and "sup" with you?   Are you interested in that?

     Oh, Soldier!  Please, please consider eternity.

     Come before Him and remind Him you are available for anything and everything He wants with your life.

     You can't say it if you don't mean it.
     Say it aloud.