"My Lord Knows the Way Through the Wilderness. . ."


     Remember this little chorus?  It's true - He does know the way and we don't. 


     No one follows the Lord naturally.  It is supernatural and is not learned without bumping into some walls.  Mistakes.  Human mistakes.


     Some are so eager to push on and clear up the matter that they tend to run ahead of the Lord and look back to see if He is following us. 


     Sometimes He does klunk us on the head, but not usually.  I've rarely had moments when the heavens parted and I knew what to do.  It is often in looking back that we realize the Lord led us.


     Most of us are too eager to do the "obvious" thing and have the itch to manage the outcome according to our own knowledge and experience.  At the same time, we are reticent to move in a direction that looks like certain failure, even when the  whisper of thought persists.


     He has never failed to keep a promise.


     It was ten years between the birth of Ishmael and the birth of Isaac.


     Soldier of The Cross, determine to take up The Cross and follow Him.   His leading is often the gentlest nudge of the  Holy Spirit.  Following Him is learned one step at a time.  Faith to faith.


     Do you have to be conventional?
     Do you need the approval of others?
     Do you have to have a guarantee of by-sight safety before moving?
     Do you have to be "qualified"?
     Does it feel risky?


     Is there any safer High Tower than the King of Glory?


     You must do this in prayer.  Prayer brings light on the next step.  And only the next step.  


     It only feels risky to the flesh.


     Cross the line today and tell Him you will follow Him anywhere and do anything with anyone.
      Tell Him aloud.


     Soldier of The Cross, your service to the King of Kings depends on your private prayer life.


     Your private time with Him determines the extent of the impact of your life on others, including your family.


     This is the toughest thing for a Servant and it is the thing the enemy hates the most.  Everything will come against it.


     Get a backbone.


     Stand before Him.  Present yourself and let Him lead you.






The Call:

     Soldier of The Cross, there is no compromise.


     There can be no rationalization.  He has called you and you have responded.  That means that God's Word rules over circumstances.


     It may appear that He has allowed it all to slide into a black sink-hole, but His Word is fact over what you see and feel.


     It may appear that just a slight compromise might bring immediate resolution or relief for the pressure, but His Word is the issue.


     His name is The Word.  He can be relied upon.  


     When there is submission in prayer, the pangs of anxiety and the demands of the flesh diminish in the same way water disappears down the drain. 


     Light dispels darkness.


     Soldier, buck up.  What is the cost?  What is the goal?


     Tell Him aloud.

Clean Before Him:

     The enemy would love to have you think you can never be clean.


     Of course that is not the case.


     No Soldier of The Cross has ever come before Him with an unblemished record.  The issue is His Blood, His Life, His Will and His Leading according to His Promises.


     For the rest of your life, the enemy will come at you about your past.  Will you listen to him or will you take hold of God's Word and move forward?   Will the rest of your hours count for eternity or do you need to shove your nose in your navel to review the by-sight history?


     We are not here to gain a foothold on earth.  We are here to make eternal choices.


     Soldier, buck up.  Look up.  Gaze upon Him who gave His Life for you.  He who named you.  He who said His heart is ravished when you think of Him. 


     The most important element of the Christian Life is God's Word, which fuels prayer. 


     No prayer, no Jesus.


     Tell Him you will let it go.  Tell Him you will advance no matter what the cost.  You can only say it if you mean it


     Tell Him aloud.



The Goal:

     Soldier of The Cross, the Journey is not your goal.


     Jesus is your Goal.


     It is personal.    He is longing for your attention and, for that you were created.


     There isn't much time.  Give what is left to Him.  No matter what.  Would He ask something of you not in your best interest?   What does His Word say?


     Are you able to tell Him He can do anything with your life?  You have nothing more to offer.


     Tell Him.  Aloud.
     Right now.

WAlking With God:

     There is nothing like listening to those who have experience with God.


     When the submissive heart speaks, the simplest statement is spoken in power.  It isn't power felt  by the speaker, rather it is the Holy Spirit revealing the nature of Christ through the one who is willing to do it His way.


     Take Charles Stanley for example.  He freely shares his experiences of faith along the pilgrim journey.  His preaching touches so many because  he is pointing to the One he sees clearly.  His simplest expressions pack a wallop.


     Soldier of The Cross, you must not be searching for some profound truth.  You must keep your eyes on the One who called you and who will see each thing through.


     Love reveals Truth.
     Love speaks clearly.
     Love makes the deepest thing simple.


     It's not about the journey. 
     It's about the Lover of Your Soul.


     Agree with Him today.



The Ground Under Your Feet:

     Soldier of The Cross,  Our God is reliable, but not predictable.


     Stop trying to plan your future based on what you think God will do.    You have no clue.


     You know He will take care of you.
     You know He will never leave you.
     You know He will give you wisdom at the time it is needed.
     You know He already knows each detail.


     What does it mean to be a Soldier of The Cross?  What does it mean to take up The Cross and follow Him?


     It means being willing to relax your grip on the lever and this is only done by prayer.
     It means speaking the Truth by faith and this only happens by prayer.
     It means serving in love with your next breath and as long as you are able to move, and this only happens by prayer.
     It means giving up all to Him Who holds the stars in place, and this only happens by prayer.


     Oh, Soldier.  What else is there?  What a thrill to walk by faith.


     Have you told Him He can do anything with your life? 


     Tell Him again.  Aloud.


     It is self evident that most Christians go to church to hear the message.


     You have an added responsibility.


     You are to be a Pillar in The House of The Lord.  You are an Overcomer (Rev 3:12) because you have yielded to Him and made Him your Reason, your Goal and your Purpose.


     The Soldier of The Cross is available to serve The King.  It is not about being "fed" at every meeting.  It is about laying down your life for the Brethren.  Of course, you can't stay with heresy absent specific Grace for same.  


     At the same time, isn't it about Him?  Isn't it about everyone else?  The unseen powers are always watching His Servants. 


     You have crossed The Line.  You told Him He could do anything with your life and that means that in prayer, you're always focused on His agenda. 

     It means that you deal in Love instead of sifting things by sight. 
     It means you are available to preach or teach and equally eager to change diapers in the nursery.
     It means that when you have company you will not bag the service because you have not seen them for twenty years. 
     It means you will take matters to Him before you will take them to anyone else.
     It means you will not swell and spill when asked your opinion.


     Oh, Soldier.  Because you have crossed The Line, you have made it clear to Him that you long to be a Living Sacrifice.


     Be sure to take in The Word daily.  Be sure to set aside a time to be with Him.  Make sure it is aloud.


     His Body.  Prepare in prayer and dive in.
     By prayer.   





He ALone Knows:

     You are not going to know why.


     We live in a fallen world which is under the influence of the fallen one.


     However, we serve a Risen Savior and He has given us The Indwelling Holy Spirit.


     There is a bottom line here.  What is your issue?


     Have you or have you not decided to live or die for Him?  Can He be trusted?  MAny Christians have not settled this issue.


     Is it a child?
     Your marriage?
     False accusations against you?
     Constant pain?  
     Financial Oppression?

     So many devastating matters on this earth.  Yet, He said He could be trusted.    


     Soldier,  buck up, look up and move on.  Life is so short.  We are privileged to see eternity by faith, and we know better than to walk by sight.


    You must tell Him.  Aloud.


   Recommended reading: Rose From Briar  by Amy Carmichael.



The Impossible:

     No heart is impenetrable.


      He can reach into the deepest abyss.
      He can melt the hardest of hearts.
      He can limber the most brittle thoughts and patterns.
      He can rescue the most desperately fallen.

     George Muller's brother was saved at George's funeral.  George had prayed for him for over twenty years.


     Isn't it God's responsibility?  We bring it to him in prayer, we love and do all we can to reveal Him in Love and we often step aside.


     What does it mean to be a Soldier of The Cross?  It means that you agree with God No Matter What!


     No Matter What.


     Can He be trusted?  Is eternity in His Hands or do you need to have some assurance now that He is not a lair?


      Soldier, don't give up on those who seem to be impervious to the Holy Spirit.  No one is.  You weren't and neither was I.


      That's why we needed a Savior and a Rescuer.


      Stand before Him.  Bring your loved one in prayer and leave that one with Him.  Many years?  Not a problem for Him.   Seems to get worse?  Not a problem for Him.   You getting clobbered?  Not a problem for Him.


     Stand before Him.  Tell Him again.  Aloud.


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